What is a Good Speed On a Stationary Bike – Let’s find out

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Long workouts can get boring and tiring, but not when performing on a stationary bike. A stationary exercise bike is an all-in-one machine that lets you enjoy a full-body workout and burn a remarkable number of calories. People from all age groups can equally enjoy working out on a stationary bike. However, a commonly asked question regarding stationary bikes is: “What is a good speed on a stationary bike?”. The simplest answer is the “speed that you can attain.”

What is a Good Speed On a Stationary Bike

On average, a good speed on a stationary bike is somewhere between 50 and 110 rpm. However, it varies from individual to individual depending on multiple factors like fitness level, fitness goals, and bike resistance. Beginners and those who like to exercise occasionally enjoy the bike between 50 and 60 rpm. At the same time, the experts level riders hit the speedometer at about 110 RPMs on average.

What Are The Different Speed Levels On A Stationary Exercise Bike?

What is a Good Speed On a Stationary Bike

You can practice different speed and resistance levels with a stationary exercise bike. Both of these things are under the rider’s control and might prove to be challenging at times. Generally, there are three-speed levels for a stationary bike;

Light Speed:

This is the speed level for beginners and ranges from 30 to 45 RPMs and, in a few cases, to 50 rpm. At this level, the stationary bike offers minimal resistance, and hence if you have to put in very less effort. You can pedal for hours at this speed but cannot burn much of the calories. Often, this speed level is also recommended for those recovering from injuries.

Medium Speed:

The medium speed level is often considered the good speed level on a stationary bike. It ranges somewhere between 50 and 60 RPM and is a little intense compared to the light speed as it raises the heartbeat noticeably. This is a good speed level if you are looking for a shorter but more effective workout. It is an ideal level for those fitness enthusiasts looking to step up their exercise level.

Fast Speed:

As the name suggests, this is the fastest speed level and the most advanced one. It ranges above 60 rpm or 70 rpm and undoubtedly burns the most calories. At this level, the stationary bike offers the highest level of resistance, and hence, the workout duration is going to be shorter. Usually, people cannot go beyond a minute of cycling at this speed level. Expect your pulse rate to go very high and blood pumping throughout the body.

Can I Ride a Stationary Bike Daily?

Yes, it is safe to ride a stationary bike daily. It is the best source of aerobic workouts, especially for people with joint problems. The joints and the stationary bike also render multiple health benefits to the body, such as reducing the waist size, cutting down the fat, improving stamina, etc.

How many calories can I Burn on a Stationary Bike?

The number of calories you burn on a stationary bike depends on the time you spend riding on it and other factors like your body weight and the intensity of the workouts. According to Harvard Health Publishing, riding the stationary bike at a medium intensity level for 30 minutes burns about:

  • 210 calories for a person weighing 125 pounds
  • 252 calories for a person weighing 155 pounds
  • 292 calories for a person weighing 185 pounds

Whereas riding the stationary bike at a vigorous intensity for 30 minutes burns:

  • 315 calories for a person weighing 125 pounds
  • 378 calories for a person weighing 155 pounds
  • 441 calories for a person weighing 185 pounds

Thus, the more you weigh, the more calories you will burn at a good speed on a stationary bike.

Are 30 Minutes on A Stationary Bike Enough?

The results of exercising at a good speed on a stationary bike depend majorly on the intensity of the workout and the rider’s weight. Riding on a stationary bike makes your heart and lungs strong and helps improve the utilization of oxygen by the body. Exercising on a stationary bike for 30 minutes is enough, but it is recommended to do that five days a week.

Can I Lose my Belly Fat with a Stationary Bike?

The answer to one of the most anticipated questions is, “yes, riding at a good speed on a stationary bike does help in losing belly fat.” However, it is not the solution to the problem entirely. To lose belly fat, you must couple the exercise with some dietary interventions to get a flat stomach.

Is Riding on a Stationary Bike for 10 Miles Enough?

Yes, riding on a stationary bike for 10 miles at a good speed is enough, especially if you are on a beginner level. It may be categorized as a low-impact exercise, but it is a good start to your exercise regime. On average, covering 10 miles takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour at a good speed on a stationary bike. As you become more used to it, you will cover 10 miles in lesser time, and maybe you can take your goal one step higher.

How Long Should I Exercise on a Stationary Bike?

As per American Heart Association (AHA), exercising at a good speed on a stationary bike for about 150 minutes/week helps keep your heart healthy. However, if you cycle at a higher intensity, 75 minutes per week is enough for you. This means you need to cycle for about 21 minutes daily if you are doing it at a moderate speed or for 10 minutes daily if you like your workouts to be intensive.

Is cycling for 5 miles on a stationary bike the same as walking for 5 miles?

No, there is a difference in both types of exercises despite the same distance covered, and hence the results are different. If you want to compare the results, all you need to do is consider the number of calories burned. Walking for 5 miles will burn up to 600 calories, whereas cycling for 5 miles burns 350 calories.


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