Top 5 Weslo Exercise Bike Reviews

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Let us share an affordable secret with you, and now you don’t have to spend tons of money on equipment. Exercise bikes are essential these days to be kept at your place and create a gym in the comfort of a home. By going through Weslo exercise bike reviews, you can only not switch to a healthy lifestyle but find it comfortable to ride on every day.

The recumbent bikes by Weslo range from $99 to $250, depending on the functionality and workout level. While looking out for effective equipment, these are the models you should choose from to witness visible results in a limited period.

5 best Weslo Exercise Bike Reviews

  1. Weslo Cross Cycle Recumbent Exercise Bike

Weslo cross cycle recumbent exercise bike is one of its kind and suitable for all looking for some affordable fitness solutions. From the arms to the overall body, it can uplift the body like never before. The adjustments and functionality of the cross cycle are exceptional, you can use it without assistance, even as a newbie.

Dual-Action Workout

When you are too busy to hit the gym, go for a Weslo cross cycle recumbent exercise bike to involve the whole body in the workout. The dual-action system not only keeps your legs toned but targets arms and shoulders, too. There is no need to spend additional time on other exercises when you can achieve your goal by riding on a recumbent bike in a limited time.

Adjustable Resistance

Being a newbie, firstly you have to make your work used to the exercise. Motivation is the key to riding on it, and you must have a vision. The overall system of the bike is easy to operate, and resistance works on manual adjustment. As soon as you start getting comfortable with the current routine, increase the tension level and take one step further towards the fitness goal.

Seat Adjustment

The cushioned seat of this bike is comfortable, so you don’t have to stop the operation to adjust the position. Even after an hour of riding on the bike, you won’t feel pain in the body due to posture improvement. It has come up with vertical seat adjustment to keep you relaxed throughout the process.

  • Manually adjustable resistance
  • Vertical seat adjustment
  • Inertia enhanced flywheel
  • Multi-position handles
  • It’s heavy in size


This is the time to start toning the body when you don’t want to compromise on health. The more you get into a healthy lifestyle, the more motivated you will feel every day to follow the fitness vision.

  1. Weslo Pursuit G 3.1 Exercise Bike

Buying an exercise bike is just not enough, but it should have a great appearance, too, for adding charm to the place. Weslo pursuit G 3.1 exercise bike is a handsome model to buy at an affordable price. It can bear 250 pounds of weight and never produce annoying sound when working out on the speed.

LCD Window Display

You don’t have to download an additional app for keeping an eye on the body vitals. The LCD window display shows the speed and time of your workout and, to keep you entertained throughout the session, it has an integrated tablet holder. It can calculate time, speed, distance, calories, and RPM in an instance. There is no need to go through additional calculations while focusing on the body.

Transport Wheels

When going into the Weslo exercise bike reviews, make sure the model has transportation wheels to move it anywhere when you want. This model by Weslo has transport wheels, and no assistance is required when you have to move it from one room to another. Simply push it to drag and keep it anywhere. The frame of the bike is lightweight but reliable enough to carry weight without vibrating. You will be satisfied with the performance after riding once on it.

Step-Thru Frame

If you ever take a closer look at the traditional bike, the complicated design makes it hard to use. Design plays an essential role when it comes to enhancing the worth of a recumbent bike. Pursuit G 3.1 exercise bike has a step-thru design, and it’s just a matter of seconds to go up or down on it.

  • Convenient frame design
  • Easy transportation wheels
  • Easy to read LCD window
  • Knob for resistance adjustment
  • A seat may require more cushioning


This impressive exercise bike is something you would love to work on due to its user-friendly functionality. Along with the excellent performance, this bike also offers a 90-days warranty for parts and labor.

  1. Weslo Pursuit CT 4.2 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Riding on the recumbent exercise bike is just not about shedding weight but a comfortable environment. Weslo Pursuit CT 4.2 exercise bike is a reliable model to count on when you don’t want to throw away money on any expensive models. Due to the advanced functionality and comfort, this machine can win your hearts all over.

8-Workout Programs

Everyone’s workout needs are different, and there are hundreds of recumbent bikes available in the market to fit your body. This bike by Weslo is efficient and affordable no matter if you want to lift the body or try hard to shed weight. For offering versatility and performance, it has 8-workout programs, and you can switch to any within a matter of seconds.

Oversized Comfy Seats

Due to the painful chairs, after a few weeks of working out, people stop riding on them and regret their buying decision. If you are one of the fitness freaks but going through backache, this is the right recumbent bike to fulfill all your needs. To support the overall body and deliver comfort in an intense environment, it is extra-cushioned.

Target Pacer

A feature called target pacer is more like a resistance system that helps you meet the goal by turning every workout into a challenge. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this recumbent bike keeps you motivated to tone your body within a targeted time limit. The quiet magnetic resistance system is a plus point when you want to work late at night without disturbing anyone.

  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • 8-efficient workout programs
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • Modern design
  • Take time in assembling


It’s a great option when looking for the ultimate comfort, user-friendly, and advanced functionality. It is adjustable to different body types and keeps you on the hook while riding on it to achieve a fitness target.

  1. Weslo Pursuit R 1.2

People living in small apartments may often find themselves struggling between work and hitting the gym. Weslo pursuit R 1.2 has resolved the issue by coming up with an efficient design so you can keep it even in the packed space and ride on it with ease. The whole process of using it is not difficult for anyone as every function is right at your fingertips.

Adjustable Padded Seat

This recumbent bike is best for riding as soon as you bring it home due to no complications. The adjustable padded seat is one of the massive advantages you will have from this model. While sitting on it for a long time, you won’t feel pain in the back due to poor posture. This bike will be your favorite model due to its ultimate comfort and ease of adjusting the seat in a few seconds.

Weight Capacity

Many recumbent bikes out there are not capable of handling weight more than 200lbs at this price. If someone with heavyweight is riding, it will start producing annoying sounds and irritate a user. Within such affordable prices, Weslo pursuit R 1.2 recumbent bike can carry 250lbs of weight with ease, and performance will remain the same.

Involve Complete Body

When riding on this bike, there is no need to indulge in other types of workout routines. From the arms to legs, it will involve the whole body, and toning will be visible. The challenging programs make this model your perfect fit to achieve your fitness goal.

  • LCD window
  • Inertia-enhanced wheel
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Adjusted padded seat
  • Seat require more improvement


The overall impression of this bike is satisfactory, and you will love the performance even after the first time. From the affordable price to solid frame, this model is a big plus in everything.

  1. Weslo Pro 11.2x Recumbent Cycle

If you want to focus less on bike adjustment and more on your body, Weslo Pro 11.2x recumbent bike is the right fit. From the newbie to expert, it can help tone the body like never before. Pro doesn’t mean it’s complicated, but it has a user-friendly interface to add versatility.

Large LCD Screen

The large LCD screen of this recumbent bike is easy to read and, you can focus on the progress while working out. The screen of Weslo Pro 11.2x shows resistance, distance, time, heart rate, burned calories, and RPM. This screen has made workouts easier and, you can work towards the goal accordingly.

Quiet Operation

It’s an ideal machine to keep at home when living with a family and, every member needs to work out at different times. Due to the quiet operation, you can use it at night, and no one around you will hear the workout noise.

EKG Grip Pulse Sensor

When you are too involved in the workout session, it’s essential to check body vitals to calculate when it’s a time to quit and have some rest. EKG grip pulse sensors in this machine are responsible for calculating your pulse, and there is no need to keep apps with you to distract.

  • Electromagnetic resistance
  • Adjustable seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Carry 250lbs of weight
  • Resistance range should increase


This brilliant model by Weslo is worth your money when you are still not satisfied with the expensive models. This bike deserves your attention and offers excellent functionality at a limited price. When reading any Weslo exercise bike reviews, you will find this model quite fascinating.

Buying Guide of Weslo Exercise Bike Reviews

It’s hard to find economical workout bikes in this era where every brand is way too expensive to afford for an ordinary person. As a newbie, you may need a comprehensive guide. Let us help you determine what factors one should consider when buying a Weslo exercise bike for the first time.

  • Cushioned Chair

While riding on any workout equipment, the priority should be a comfortable posture. If the chair of the equipment is not cushioned and not supporting the back, it’s not possible to sit on it for more than a few minutes. You will feel backache and pressure on the overall joints. Before buying the Weslo exercise bike for the first time, learn more about its seat and adjustable positions. It should be adjustable back and forth to adjust back accordingly.

  • Technological Features

When using recumbent bikes, you are supposed to sit back and relax because they adjust everything according to your needs. When you have decided to invest in recumbent bikes, it’s essential to check on the features necessary to move ahead. It should have an alert monitor, sensors, calculations, and other features. These recumbent bikes are the best when you want to invest in something efficient and tech-friendly.

  • Efficient Resistant System

There is no use in working out on a recumbent bike when it doesn’t have a resistant system to show improvement. In any Weslo exercise bike reviews, you will come to know about its impressive resistant that motivates you every day to ride on it as much as possible. When following any workout program, you need to adjust resistance levels and increase them for lifting muscles later. Look out for the resistance system when you want to see a visible difference in the fitness regime.

  • Trendy Design

Weslo exercise bikes are not only suitable for people with massive spaces. If you live in a small apartment, you can keep it to follow a workout routine strictly. The trendy and space-consuming design of the weslo exercise bike is suitable for everyone with small or big homes. Also, the frame is firm, so whether working out at speed or on an uneven surface, it won’t vibrate. You can count on this machine when avoiding annoying noises from the bike.

  • Affordable

People often step back from buying recumbent bikes when they come to know about their hefty price. Everyone can’t afford expensive workout bikes to stay fit when they have to manage other expenses, too. Welso knows it all, and they have come up with money-saving machines so you can afford it. There is no need to wait for sale anymore when you can find a new model anytime at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many calories can I burn while being on a recumbent bike for 30-minutes?

If riding on the recumbent bike for the first time, take some time and start from 15-minutes. Later after increasing resistance levels, expand the workout time to 30-minutes. On average, you can burn around 260 calories and move one step closer to the weight loss goals. Once your body is responding positively to the workout session, increase tension and elevate the game.

  1. Does Weslo exercise bike deliver the same results as we get while walking for a mile?

When you go through our Weslo exercise bike reviews, you will come to know its benefits closely. People often prefer to walk over anything, but it won’t contribute much to your weight loss goal until you are on a strict diet. Weslo exercise bike burns more calories as compared to the one-mile walk regularly. Within a week of riding this bike, you can see the difference in your body like never before.

  1. Can I lose belly fat by riding on a recumbent bike?

Belly fat requires lots of effort to lose, and people often spend their months to shed it after going through a painful fitness routine. When riding on the recumbent bike to lose belly fat, you need to follow other exercises like aerobics and dancing. It will contribute to burning belly fat quickly. When riding on the recumbent bike alone, it takes time to shed weight until you are on a strict diet.

  1. By riding on a recumbent bike, can I make abs in a limited time?

Recumbent bikes involve belly muscles in the workout and let your body sweat to burn calories. If your belly doesn’t have fat, then you can make abs while riding on the bike. Start pedaling with speed to put pressure on stomach muscles. It may consume time, but after a few weeks, you can see the visibility.

Final Thoughts

Recumbent bikes have made the workout journey affordable than ever before. If you are too busy to hit the gym, create one at your place and never compromise on your health. From the reliable resistance system to user-friendly functions, this is your perfect workout companion.

These value-driven bikes are excellent in quality and don’t waste your money on any expensive models that aren’t worth it. Weslo cares about their customers and delivers them something exceptional that can cooperate with their lifestyle. These models will inspire you to keep the body uplifted and fit for a long time.

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