Schwinn 130 Vs 170 Exercise Bike Comparison

Remember a time when we used to ride a bike with friends without knowing how it is transforming and strengthening our body for the best. Later, we got busy in our lives and left this exercise without giving a thought. We are talking about cycling here and, I am not telling you to get back on the road but to upgrade yourself.

If you want to transform the body and say goodbye to excessive fat, choose upright exercise bikes without a doubt. Today, we are comparing two of the best models available; Schwinn 130 vs 170 exercise bikes. I’ll take you along with me on this valuable guide so you can make a clear decision at the end of this blog.

Schwinn 130 Vs 170 Exercise Bike Similarities

  • Bluetooth with App

While planning to hop on the upright exercise bike, you must be wondering how can I track my progress every day to stay motivated? This question is the reason why modern-day workout bikes have come up with excellent features to keep users indulging completely in the session. The first similarity between Schwinn 130 vs 170 exercise bikes is Bluetooth with the app. As soon as you are on the bike, pair Bluetooth with phones or tablets to connect with any fitness app.

Isn’t it easy to track your workout routine through the Bluetooth fitness app? No need to download any insecure app from the internet because everything is at your fingertips. Both of the upright exercise bikes are ideal to use for beginners. Due to this feature, these models are highly rated and worth your money. Schwinn 170 is widely compatible with Bluetooth as compared to the other one. You can reach the fitness goal by monitoring the progress every day right on your machine.

  • Max Weight

There is no need to be in the constant complex if you are overweight because this is the high time to transform your body like you always wanted. Various upright bikes in the market are not suitable for working out at a fast speed as the frame starts vibrating and may cause some injury. Schwinn 130 and 170 bikes share another similarity which is the capability of bearing maximum weight.

A person with a maximum weight of 300lbs can ride on Schwinn 130 and 170 upright bikes. If you are riding on the bike at full speed, the frame won’t vibrate, and you can stay comfortable on it for long hours. There is no need to body shame yourself anymore when you can find the appropriate equipment in the market. Bring it home and start working on your body to get back to a healthy life.

  • Warranty

We all feel bad when we invest money on something, and in return, the brand doesn’t provide us with a warranty. Focus on these factors when buying such products as these points determine the durability. Schwinn 130 and 170 exercise bikes have an excellent warranty to build user trust in their brand. There is no need to worry about technical issues as Schwinn got your back.

Schwinn is offering a 10-years warranty on frame, 2-years on mechanical and 1-year electrical. No matter, if you are a beginner or an expert, you can always contact the company to resolve any issues. This support makes your workouts more fun and comfortable. While investing money on any of these models, you don’t have to worry about quality as construction is satisfactory to make them last for a long time at your place.

Schwinn 130 Vs 170 Exercise Bikes Differences

  • Magnetic Resistance

Along with similarities, both of these models have some differences that make them stand out from others. After going through these differences, you can finally decide which one deserves your attention. The first difference we are about to mention is the magnetic resistance. The massive part of your transformation depends on the magnetic resistance and whether the bike can challenge you every day or not?

Schwinn 130 offers 16-levels of magnetic resistance to keep you motivated every day. On the other hand, Schwinn 170 has 25-levels of magnetic resistance. Schwinn 170 is more versatile and better equipment to transform an average athlete’s body into an ideal one. This magnetic resistance will help you level up the workout routine as soon as your body gets comfortable with the current challenge. No matter how much magnetic resistance you are increasing, it will not affect the smoothness of a pedaling.

  • LCD Console

Schwinn 130 Vs 170If you take a closer look at the console of both upright bikes, they seem to be similar in shape and features. While hoping on the bike for the first time, one doesn’t need to think about settings complications because the display is easy to read and, every option is right in front of you. The LCD console of the Schwinn 130 upright bike is simple, and you can set it as you want. It allows you to generate two user profile that makes it suitable to use.

Schwinn 170 upright bike is a modern-day model with all the features you were looking for in the expensive bikes out there. If discussing console here, Schwinn 170 has made things easy for beginners. The backlit LCD console is excellent and makes workouts convenient for you anytime. This bike has the option of generating 4-user profiles and suitable for a family workout.

  • Seat Adjustment

Schwinn 130 Vs 170 exercise bikes are popular, and when it comes to workouts, people like to use equipment that is easy to handle. Seat comfort is another essential factor we can’t ignore when exercise requires time. Schwinn 130 has a well-constructed seat with comfortable padding to reduce pressure from joints. The seat adjustability is limited, and it can only move up and down for adjusting the height.

Schwinn 170 is taking a lead here because of the maximum functions in the seat. Firstly, the seat is ventilated, and you don’t have to go through an itchy back after sitting on the chair for a long time. It’s padded enough to support your posture regardless of weight and height. It is adjustable in four positions such as up, down, fore, and aft. It’s an ideal model for people going through the post-surgery recovery phase or still getting used to workout.

  • Pedals

When choosing exercise bikes for an effective workout, pedals are responsible for pushing your every step forward. Some of the bikes have all the features, but their pedals are hard to use. As a result, you may feel a burden on your legs with pain. Schwinn 130 exercise bike has basic pedals and is suitable for almost anyone without knee issues. They are not oversized, and pedaling is smooth, so there is no need to put excessive effort.

Schwinn 170 exercise bike has oversized pedals to keep your feet secure when moving at a speedy pace. People with weak muscles and knee problems often find their feet hard to stable on the pedals due to their small size. Schwinn 170 takes care of your overall health, and oversized pedals make workouts simple than ever for you. For a smooth and quiet ride, this model has a heavy flywheel.

  • Other Features

Other than the basic features of these upright bikes, other functions are different in these two models. Exercise bikes are a complete package these days, and it has made it convenient for people to create a gym in their homes without worrying about going out. Due to COVID and physical distancing, you don’t have to miss out on a workout. Schwinn 130 also has a media tray, water bottle holder, transport wheels, and warranty to cover technical issues.

Schwinn 170 has these additional features 130 has, but it’s also providing something else such as a USB charging port, speakers, cooling fan, and luxuriously padded seat. It will make the workout more enjoyable, and you can stay connected to the new technology. These features may sound similar, but if you can afford to invest in the luxurious bike, Schwinn 170 can make your exercise session fun. Both of these models will not let you down.

Final Thoughts

Schwinn is a reliable and trustworthy brand that always comes up with excellent exercise bikes that are comfortable to transform your body. The indoor bikes by this brand work as your gym companion, and you can count on them for fitness. The upright models like Schwinn 130 and 170 are in demand, but beginners may get confused between their specifications. After going through this valuable guide, you must have got your answer.

Our honest comparison of Schwinn 130 Vs 170 exercise bikes will make you decide on an upright bike that suits you the most. In terms of prices. Schwinn 170 may cost you more than 130, but it’s loaded with modern features. If you’re tight on budget, Schwinn 130 upright bike is an excellent model to choose for getting back into shape. These highly-rated and superior features will satisfy, and the bike will last for a long time.

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