NordicTrack S15I vs S22I Exercise Bike Comparison

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In our childhood, we all cycled and loved to own our bicycles. It was a good hobby and a healthy activity, which kept us healthy too. Over time, we get old and don’t have enough time to carry on with this habit. Ultimately we practice unhealthy routines that are not beneficial to our bodies. But we do realize that success isn’t worth it if it comes with health risks.

In this blog, you will read all the necessary details about NordicTrack S15I vs S22I exercise bike to utilize your exercise with ease and comfort and burn some calories. It is really helpful in these Covid times, as you can keep this machine at your home or anywhere else, where it is more convenient to use. Both the exercise bikes are engulfed with technological innovations, and you can buy yourself one which fascinates you more.

NordicTrack S15I vs S22I Bike Similarities


  • Display Screen

Let’s look into the best display system of NordicTrack S15I and S122I that has reshaped the gym sessions using modern-day innovation. When you are about to start your exercise, you can easily use the multi-attribute touch display for performing multiple functions. There is no worry about going outside of your house to meet your trainer. You are only required to connect yourself through multiple connectivity choices and have a fascinating exposure.

The front end video-camera will help you connect with your instructor and share your workout drills. The HDMI joining jack is available to attach to television or any other supported electronic device. The vivid widescreen helps you with clear visuals, and you can exercise your gym session as advised by your instructor with passion. The flexibility of the screen allows it to move in upward and downward directions and adjust the display where it is needed. There is a jack for speaker connectivity if you plan to do some more exercises without your bike. You can stream into that specific training with better sound engagement.

  • Positioning

A variety of workouts is needed for the ultimate output through these bikes, which keeps us in shape. This diverse range of pieces of training is supported by its built-in feature of positioning at several degrees. If you need to tilt at some particular style, you can easily do this for a minimum of 10 to 2 0 degrees. These tilted positions are equally compatible with the pedals of the bike too.

When you find a bike of such caliber will not offer you an attribute of trying differently styled positions for better results. But both of the NordicTrack bikes are fully operational with this feature guided by the electro and magnetic defiance system. It will provide you with the immense pleasure of riding a bicycle outside and eventually help you achieve your fitness goals. You need to make sure that you apply your full strength while making yourself cozy with positioning.

  • Magnificent Check Tool

There is an exceptional trademark of check tool systematically applied in both exercise bikes. So that you can easily control the friction level of the axle for a smooth training and maximum physical output. You can easily reduce your pace at any point of your workout with the fascinating attribute of the rapid finish button. This instant end control helps you remain consistent with the training steps as instructed by your trainer.

The magnificent check tool is undoubtedly an amazing thing to experience while doing your exercise indoors in these times of pandemics. Which helps get yourself distanced and get the required results without facing any hurdles. Normally many exercise bikes come with a manual brake system that is not controlled at an instant pace. Sometimes we cannot stop them at an instant pace and cause trouble. Both of these exercise bikes provide a single-click, magnificent control tool.

  • Channeling

The normal exercise bikes come with a drive chain system. We often use multiple types of lubrication so that we may not face hurdles during our exercise time. If they are not lubricated properly and timely manner, such exercising bikes may produce annoying sounds and disrupts the training. After experiencing such hurdles, both NordicTrack bikes are designed with a drive belt system guided by advanced technology.

The drive belt system works on the commands of technology, and there is no need to grease such an exercise bike. Moreover, they do not produce any unpleasant noise or sound that may cause discontinuity in your workout sessions. It also enables the flexible rides you expect while riding on it. You should better not worry about your family, as they were disturbed by your traditional exercise bike experience.

NordicTrack S15I vs S22I Bike Differences

  • LCD Display Dimensions

One of the main differences between the NordicTrack S15I and S22I is the LCD dimensions. Both of the bikes come with differently measured visual screens. When they are ready to use, these two stationary bikes produce very different viewing experiences. NordicTrack S15I comes with a 14-inch-high quality display screen, while NordicTrack S22I comes with 22-inch super vivid screen visuals.

It is a really obvious difference because everyone can notice it upon looking for the first time. Normally we are very comfortable with the wider range screen, as there is more transparency and ease to watch. NordicTrack S22I may be a better option with its spacious telecast unless you are comfortable with the NordicTrack S15I. The two of them are furnished with extraordinary show features, but the measurements are not similar.

  • Friction Durability

The capability of friction in both NordicTrack S15I vs. S22I is not the same, and that is the reason for a slight difference in their functions. The friction durability comes in the light when you need to do some hard training for your fitness. This distinct characteristic is designed for smooth and rubbing less cycling at an essential speed advised by your instructor.

One of the compelling properties of the NordicTrack bike is that the friction durability is easily controlled by the smart touch system application that appears on the screen. So there is no need to worry as there are no brakes installed, and a single touch can instantly manipulate the pace. NordicTrack 15I has friction durability up to 22; on the other hand, NordicTrack S22I has a friction durability of 24. So comparatively, the latter is more reliable and efficient in terms of pace and friction monitor.

  • Cost Disparity

There is a cost disparity between the two of these bikes because of the few dissimilarities in their attributes. The NordicTrack S15I is 400 $ less than that of the NordicTrack S22I. So one can easily make sense of the difference in its functions based on price variations. Interestingly both of them come with an erosion-free Steel coating design that ensures the use of the machine for a longer time. The cost disparity of these two bikes can also be compared with the Bluetooth feature. The S22I is covered with Bluetooth band connectivity compared to the S15I of the NordicTrack exercise bike. There is no need to worry about the choice, as both are equally equipped with the latest features, you can choose one that bests suit you.

Other Features

NordicTrack S15i and S22I are attired with diverse characteristics like a cooling setup, which is present on either side of the display screen and can keep you cool when you take a break during your training. The cooling setup is built-in, and it follows your workout intensity. That is why it’s superb working during your gym sessions as per the requirements. You can also have your bottle of water alongside your bike as it comes with a case where you place your water bottle. There is no need to leave your workout space and rush for water.

When we are looking to buy an exercise bike for our training purpose, there is a huge concern about the handgrip and seating. The NordicTrack S15I and S22I are shaped in exceptional stuffing to give you in-depth solace. The sleek bottom with vertical and horizontal adjustability can allow a smooth ride for numerous height-sized trainees. So there is no need to panic about the handgrip and adjustability of the seats.

Final Thoughts

NordicTrack is your trustable companion if you look for some great exercise bikes for your fitness training. They only utilize the best of best experiences in this field and always come up with a design fully attired with the latest innovations. Both bikes are reliable and can be put in for your indoor activities, which will surely last for a long duration.

As far as both NordicTrack bikes are concerned, S15I is cost-effective, but S22I is furnished with more up-to-date features. If you are low on budget, you can go with the S15I model as we have sincerely placed all the details you need to know. The S22I is more flexible and smooth in its functioning, but You can consider the S15I as well. We hope you get yourself one that best suits your training habits and exercises.

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