Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems and Solution

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The magnetic resistance exercise bike is one of the most popular exercise bikes available in the market. These low-maintenance bikes are a reasonable alternative as far as durability and quietness are concerned. Moreover, they have very few moving parts, due to which they are common among users.

However, there are still some loopholes in the design and utility one should keep in mind while ordering or buying this easy-to-go bike. They have small parts, and once they get the malfunction, you will have to spend a fortune to hire a professional service and get them repaired.

In this article, I have scribbled some of the common issues regarding magnetic resistance bikes to help buyers in making a wise decision. So, learn down the lines about the problems magnetic resistance exercise bikes may exhibit and also some hacks and solutions to get rid of the petty issues.

Common Problems with Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes

Loss of Resistance

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems

The magnetic exercise bike works with the science of resistance. Magnetic resistance operates the exercise bike. It is produced by rotating a metal disk through a magnetic field generated by the magnets. Sometimes, the magnets get misplaced, due to which the bike loses resistance and stops working properly. However, a reasonable solution to repair it is to get the magnets fixed back to their place.

Loose Bolts and Screws

Some problems occur in the bike over time, like the loosening of bolts and screws. The bike is not operated by the belt; however, it is equipped with a flywheel. This flywheel works with two magnets to create magnetic resistance. If the bolts and nuts are not fixed appropriately, then the magnets may change their position, affecting resistance.

Faulty Console

The malfunctioned console may be another problem the users face frequently. A faulty console comes up with different codes or may fail to start or hang during operation. Moreover, it also operates tension, so if it is not working properly, then you will have to replace or repair it as soon as possible. However, be aware that the magnetic resistance bike is not an ordinary bike, so its components are a bit complicated and need to be repaired by a professional.

Malfunctioned Sensor

Typically, a modern magnetic resistance bike is equipped with a lot of sensors to monitor heart rate, oxygen and blood pressure etc. and store this data. These sensors may get malfunctioned and start overestimating or underestimating the figures. Sometimes they also stop working, which will definitely impact your workout plan because the targets based on the wrong figures will not get you optimal results.

Other Issues

There are a lot of other issues a magnetic bike may come up with. All the parts play an important role in the operations, and if any of the parts are not working well, then it will adversely impact the bike’s performance. Such issues include issues with pedals, gearbox or flywheel.

Flywheel Issues

If your exercise bike is making a weird noise, then it is possibly a flywheel issue that needs replacement. However, flywheel replacement requires professional service, so you should hire a professional service provider to get the issue resolved.

Malfunctioned Tension control

Tension control determines the force you impose on the bike. A malfunctioning control will make you tired, and you will end up doing nothing, so this function must be inspected in order to attain your fitness objectives.

Pedal issues

Sometimes the pedals of the bike get worn out and start making wired noise when you cycle. It usually occurs when the pedal needs lubrication or oiling. Take good care of the ongoing pedal basis and lubricate them time and again. If they are worn out, and you feel that further oiling will not work, then you should think about replacing the pedals.

How to identify the problem related to magnetic resistance bikes?

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike ProblemsDetecting a problem in a magnetic resistance system is another challenge to the user. It is important to identify the problem beforehand so that you may be able to avoid the potential downturn in your fitness regime. Here are a few steps you should follow in order to identify the problem.

Step # 1 

The first thing to follow is to take necessary preventive measures to avoid any hazards. Make sure that you have removed the electrical connection, if any. Another important thing is to check the warranty because if you open and try to identify the problem yourself, then you may end up losing the right to claim the warranty left. Moreover, you can also take help from the user manual, which usually comes with the equipment. However, if there is no user manual, then you can also check the one available on the internet.

Step # 2

Now remove the pedal using a screwdriver and dismount the side shield so that you may be able to see the flywheel, the belt and the gearbox. Now you can identify whether the magnetic resistance system is working properly or not. Typically, a tension cable will shift when you make the adjustments. As a result, the magnetic bar drops inward or shifts outward. If this does not happen, then the problem exists, and you need to consult a professional to get it resolved

Few Maintenance tips to resolve magnetic resistance bike issues

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike ProblemsThere are certain preventive measures and tips you can undertake. If you don’t, won’t your bike to worn out. Every piece of equipment needs appropriate maintenance. Regular checkups of the ongoing bike basis help you to identify the potential reasons which can cause the break down while the maintenance can help you avoid the bike issues. It does not mean that you need to hire professional service and offer extensive maintenance to the bike.

Adequate lubrication and cleaning will work the most and keep your exercise bike working. What you really need is to take a duster or cleaning cloth and wipe away the dust with a damp cloth. It will keep on cleaning the moving parts, and they will keep on working like new.

Another tip is to check the sensors time and again. The accuracy of the sensors often reduces due to several reasons, and they start delivering incorrect figures. In order to identify the problem, you should borrow another machine and compare your results using the borrowed one. If there is a difference in the results, then the suspected machine has malfunctioned sensors. In this case, you should get the sensors repaired immediately or buy a new console so that you may be able to work it out properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a manual and a magnetic resistance exercise bike?

In a manual resistance bike, the magnets are controlled using a tension knob, while the resistance bike creates resistance when the magnets come closer to the flywheel and create a magnetic field resulting in tension.

How do I fix the magnetic resistance on my exercise bike?

If you want to fix the magnetic resistance, then you would have to disassemble the bike. First of all, remove batteries or the electrical connection, if any. Then remove pedal cranks and flywheel covers. Now, you can remove the magnetic system, get it repaired or replace it with the new one.

Are magnetic exercise bikes any good?

Yes, they are the modern equipment known for their quiet operations, durability and low-maintenance cost.

Can exercise bikes be repaired?

Yes, these bikes can be repaired, but you should buy a professional bike technician to do so.

Final Words

Magnetic Resistance exercise bikes are a really good indoor alternative to the home gym. However, they need adequate consideration and checkups to avoid the problems which usually occur. So, it was a concise guide to keep you updated with these contemporary bikes you may choose to buy in order to instigate your fitness regime. We hope that our research will be of help to you.

Let us know about your reviews in the comments section below. Cheers.

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