Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike? Lets fix it

Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is a commonly used tool in gyms and homes. People who cannot go to the gym for whatever reasons can easily continue their workout with these exercise bikes. They are also known as stationary bikes and are quite useful for maintaining fitness. Exercise bikes provide customers with a wide range of significant features. However, they might require your attention in some cases. One of such cases is hearing knocking noises when pedaling exercise bikes.

While riding an exercise bike, you may start hearing clicks, squeaks, and clunks. Such noises can drive people crazy due to constant disturbance. However, the sounds indicate underlying mechanical problems. If not taken care of properly, these issues can increase over time and eventually affect your bike’s performance. We have shared some common symptoms with their solutions behind the loud noises while paddling. They might be helpful for you to understand the main root of the problem and find its solution.

Symptom 01: Dirty Chain

One of the reasons why your bike makes noise might be the dirty chain. If you haven’t cleaned or oiled your bike’s chain properly, you may experience annoying noises. Start cleaning your chain by using a degreaser with an old toothbrush. Once all the grime is removed, you can apply the chain lube. One drop should be applied to each link. After that, you can remove extra lube by using an old rag.

Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Symptom 02: Loose Cleat Screw

It is also possible that you clean the chain yet the noise doesn’t go anywhere. In such a case, maybe the culprit is a loose cleat screw. Check every screw to see if any of it is loose. If you identify any loose screw, retighten it to see if the problem gets solved. You can also add a few drops on the pedal spindle to ensure its efficient performance.

Symptom 03: Loose Bottom Bracket

Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Another source of clucking sound is the bottom bracket. If none of the above-mentioned problems are there then check for the bottom bracket is loose. Tightening the bottom bracket would require the removal of the crank arms. You can repair the bottom bracket by either tightening them or adjusting the bearings. This process is far more convenient if you have the required tools for the bottom bracket. If you don’t have the needed tools or are less experienced, visiting the local bike shop is recommended.

Symptom 04: Bent Derailleur

In this scenario, the chain would start acting as if it wants to go up or down the cassette. You would feel it while paddling in certain gears, even if you don’t attempt to shift. Numerous exercise bikes come with barrel adjusters on the cable for adjusting the tension. If your chain appears to fall onto a smaller cog, try turning the barrel adjuster. Turn it a quarter turn clockwise until the issue is resolved. In case the chain seems to be jumping to a larger cog, try the same procedure counter-clockwise.

How to Fix the Knocking Noise:

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In case your exercise bike has started making noise while riding, something inside it might be broken. These bikes are quite expensive so keeping up with the maintenance is very crucial. There are many ways to fix the noise that comes during paddling. Some of them are given below. Follow the given instructions and hopefully, your bike will work perfectly fine.

  • Clean your bike and its screen after the workout session for the removal of sweat and germs.
  • For cleaning effectively, avoid using soap and water. Use disinfecting wipes instead. Furthermore, tightening the pedals, seat, and clamps once a month is also suggested.
  • If you are still hearing knocking noise when pedaling an exercise bike, maybe the wheel is broken. Alternatively, the pedal might also be the issue. In such a case, contact a maintenance service that your bike manufacturer provides.
  • There are several companies that are known to be specialized in bike repair. They don’t necessarily manufacture bikes. Such companies offer a repairing service at home by sending someone to your place.
  • Some companies also offer replacement parts so you can fix the bike yourself. If you are capable of doing the repair at home without any assistance, this option can save you some bucks
  • Checking the stability may also be helpful to fix the knocking sound. You need to ensure that your bike sits flat on the floor. You can try a different position or adjust the required screw feet.
  • Double-check the fixing of your bike thoroughly. Make sure they are snug from top to bottom. As we have mentioned before, loose fixing on pedals, handlebars, and seats may cause a clicking sound.
  • Sometimes, the flywheel’s nuts require a little adjustment. However, you need to be careful as over-tightening the nuts might cause further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Do exercise bikes make noise normally?

Exercise bikes might start making noise if they’re not maintained well. If you use it frequently without the required maintenance, worn parts may rattle and squeaky quickly. Although some bikes do make a sound while you ride. It primarily depends on the resistance.

  1. Why does my bike make a tapping sound?

Pedals are one of the common causes behind the sound. If the pedals are loose, they might start making a ticking sound. You may hear this sound coming from the pedal stroke’s bottom. Furthermore, a bearing or worn pedal can also cause the ticking sound


If your exercise bike starts making odd noises, diagnosing the issue is necessary. The voice can be extremely distracting and may annoy you during the workout. That’s why maintaining the exercise bike is so crucial. We hope that our guide about fixing the knocking noise when pedaling exercise bikes is helpful to you. Timely maintenance will also save you from a bigger mishap or damage in the future. Hence, don’t stop your workout sessions and carry on the pedaling.

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