How to Unclip Peloton Shoes?

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes

For a beginner, getting a Peloton bike is the first step towards starting your fitness journey, whereas, for those in the fitness regime already, it is a wonderful upgrade. Peloton bike is full-body workout equipment in one and caters to multiple fitness goals. With its multipurpose subscription, ergonomic design, and user-friendliness, you can burn calories, tone muscles, and lose stubborn body fat. The peloton bike is super easy to use, but you might need some time to work your way around it with the clipless pedals.

One of the top searched questions over the internet is “How to Unclip Peloton Shoes?”. Many people might think of it as a seamless process to get on and off the Peloton bike, but things are not always what they seem.

Here is a short guide that will tell you all the steps on unclipping the Peloton bike. The guide is simple yet helpful for beginners who want to avoid getting stuck on the Peloton bike.

Part 1: How to Unclip Peloton Shoes – The Normal Guide

You cannot always get stuck while trying to get off a Peloton bike. Follow these simple and easy steps to unclip your feet from Peloton pedals:

Step No 1: Stop the Bike

Once you are done with your workout, you shouldn’t try to unclip from the bike immediately. Please wait for it to stop by slowing down the pedals. Once it has slowed down, bring the bike to a still position by applying the brake. You can also push the resistance knob to stop the bike immediately.

Step No 2: Bring the Pedal to the six o’clock position.

The next step is to bring your best foot pedal to the six o’clock position first, i.e., If you are a right-footed person, you should first bring the right foot pedal to the mentioned position and vice versa. Follow up with the other foot, and you are done.

Step no 3: Unclip Completely.

You are now completely ready to unclip yourself from the Peloton bike after bringing both the pedals to 6 o’clock one by one. First, twist your away from the pedals in the six o’clock position. You might feel some resistance, but that is fine. After unclipping one foot, you can get off the bike and unclip the other foot by twisting it away from the pedal.

Part 2: How to Unclip Peloton Shoes – When Stuck

If you are stuck on the Peloton bike, here is a quick fix to unstuck yourself from the situation.

Step no 1: Remove your Shoes

First things first. You must remove your shoes to unclip them out of the shoes easily.

Step No 2: Turn the Resistance Knob

The next step is to turn the resistance knob in the right direction. Keep turning until you feel some resistance from the knob. Doing so will make the pedal stuck, saving you from any chance of injury.

Step No 3: Move the Pedal

Turn your pedal completely to be in a 12 o’clock position before twisting it. At this point, the pedal should face upside down. Now you will be able to see the tension screw.

Step no 4: Lose the tension screw

Grab a 3mn key and use it to loosen the tension screw on the pedal that you just turned upside down. You don’t need to go overboard on the loosening. Just a slight loss will help to loosen the cleats.

Step no 5: Unclipping

This is the fifth and final step. First, you need to bring the pedal in the normal position. (It must show the Peloton logo in this position). The next step is to press it with the palm of one of your hands. Twist the shoes and unclip them off the pedal with your other hand. This might require a little pressure which is fine.

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in a Peloton Bike?

The clipping and unclipping after getting stuck might seem like a hassle. It’s natural for you to think about “how to avoid getting stuck in a Peloton Bike in the first place.” The answer is a simple trick:

The cleats must be installed correctly and gripped tightly.

Why are my Peloton Shoes so Hard to Unclip?

Getting stuck in the Peloton bike is a common phenomenon. When they get stuck in the Peloton bikes, most people just take out their feet from the shoes and leave the shoes stuck there. It is quite a common practice and regarded as a quick hack for getting out when stuck on the Peloton bike. You don’t have to leave your shoes on the bike anymore. You can easily unclip from the Peloton bike with the above-mentioned simple steps.

Are Peloton shoes supposed to be Tight?

Yes, the Peloton shoes should be tight as you need better foot stability to pedal smoothly on your Peloton bike. Make sure the shoes are comfortable enough for you to ride the bike comfortably. The peloton shoes come with a “velcro strap fastening system” that keeps your foot from moving, allowing you to push with optimum force.

If you work out with shoes that are way too tight, you will have shooting pain in your feet. So, always make sure your workout shoes are comfortable. Your Peloton shoes must be snug fit and offer maximum breathability. You wouldn’t want burning feet to stop you mid way for a break to cool off. Likewise if your shoes are way to lose, you can always adjust the pedal tension until you get a maximum fit.


The peloton bike is a great exercise tool. It is an all-in-one exercising tool targeting the muscles in the whole body. However, it might take you some time to completely get the hang of it. Getting stuck in the clipless pedals is common, as sometimes the cleats aren’t gripped tightly. However, getting out of the stuck pedals is possible with some simple and easy steps mentioned in the guide.