How to Disassemble Nordictrack Treadmill for Moving

How to Disassemble Nordictrack Treadmill for Moving

Owning perfect fitness equipment can be hard on your pocket and may not seem an affordable option for you. NordicTrack Treadmill is an ideal equipment to keep you on the healthy track and to help you achieving body transformation goal. One thing that makes users scared is to disassemble it.

As a newbie, if you are going through it and looking for a solution all over the internet, you are here for a reason. Let us tell you how to Disassemble NordicTrack Treadmill for Moving by following simple steps. Before we ask you to disassemble it, let’s check, in what situations you need to remove the parts for moving.

Factors Before Disassembling NordicTrack Treadmill

Moving on Wheels

Treadmills are easy to move on the floor, and there’s no point in disassembling them whenever you have to change the position. If you have the same surface and there are no stairs to deal with, you can move treadmills on the wheels. Simply, push it a bit, and it will start running. If you have a carpet all over the place, you should disassemble it because there are chances of damaging the base. For pushing the treadmill on wheels, you need to consider a few factors that should be in focus for avoiding any problems.

Disconnect Power Supply

Before moving equipment on the floor, ensure disconnecting the power supply to avoid severe damage or accident. Turn off all the switches and then move to the floor. Don’t put your safety at stake and as a beginner, take all precautions to stay safe throughout the process. Disconnecting the power supply is crucial because sometimes due to voltage fluctuation, things can go sideways. This thing will save you from any danger coming your way while you are busy completing the process.

Choose the Smooth Path

If there is a long distance between your starting point to the destination, clear out all obstacles for quick rolling. Remove anything placed in between, then move it to another point. Equipment may stop moving if anything will be on its wheels. You will find it hard to remove the object. If your place has an uneven surface, keep the speed slow while moving. Due to constant friction, wheels may break.


The best thing about the NordicTrack treadmill is it’s compact and easy to store. Nobody is asking you to move the equipment as it is, but you can fold it for quick movement. For easy and simple rolling, you can fold the machine and move it out quickly. While changing the place, we all want to avoid all the hard things in our way, for sure. While folding a machine, be gentle because some parts may fee heavy to handle. Take a few minutes to fold and when you are sure that everything is in its place, move ahead.

How to Disassemble Nordictrack Treadmill for Moving

So, let’s get to the point we are all here for. Let us help you disassemble the NordicTrack treadmill for moving.

Step 1: Power Source

When it’s time to move the machine from one place to another, you should check the power source for everyone’s safety. Don’t ever start disassembling the fitness equipment without pulling out all the plugs. Sometimes due to connection, you may feel the current is still flowing which is not safe when disassembling any equipment. The first step before removing parts of any machine should be to turn off the power source to move towards the next step.

Step 2: Console

Console wire is at the back of the equipment where a handrail is. Once you have disconnected the power source, it’s time to disassemble the console from the machine for safety. Pull it, and the console will get detached from the treadmill. Along with the console, you should also find a grounding wire near the console. Also, disconnect it from a machine with care because it’s too thin and delicate.

Step 3: Detach Clamps

As you have successfully disconnected the wires from a treadmill and it’s safe to move anywhere, it’s time to fold it. Console clamps attached to the top of a machine should be removed. Using a long rod, remove the clamp and unscrew it from all four sides. It’s time to remove the console from the treadmill.

Step 4: Detach Console

To detach the console from the NordicTrack treadmill, you need to remove all six screws. Two are fixed on the right, two in the middle, and the last two on the left. With the help of a head screwdriver, you can remove all of them. While removing the last screw, you need to support the console a bit before disassembling it completely. Store it in a safe place when remove from a machine. Take time to remove the console because it’s a delicate part of the machine, and you should prevent damage to it.

Step 5: Folding

Now you have done 75% of the work and this is the final step to completing the process. The last step is to move the machine to your destination with ease. Remove the wires you removed the console from and bolts that hold the machine in an upright position. Remove all the eight bolts and keep all loosened parts safe for protection. It’s time to move the treadmill to anywhere with one push. Don’t try to disassemble the base from the NordicTrack treadmill because it’s fixed and can’t move.

Final Thoughts

While disassembling NordicTrack Treadmill, you have to remove the console and other parts to save them from damage. We all are scared of damaging our treadmill that is responsible for keeping our body toned but by following our simple steps you must have gone through it like a breeze.

By disassembling it in a few minutes, you can move the treadmill from one room to another, and this is also required when you have to keep it in storage. It’s an excellent match for professional athletes who want to maintain their bodies for better performance. Take control of your treadmill and move it anywhere you want to.