Echelon Vs Nordictrack Exercise bike Comparison

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It’s rare to find an indoor professional bike at affordable prices when you want to transform your life and body for a better future. The market is getting competitive every day, and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed because of cut-throat competition between several indoor exercise bikes. If you are stuck in such a situation right now, you are here for a reason.

After going through intense research, checking out the models, and comparing them with the wide market, we have come up with the best review for you. Echelon Vs NordicTrack is the most anticipated review you will read. Make sure you are reading till the end to end up with the best bike to get on a healthy track.

Similarities Between Echelon Vs NordicTrack


Without a durable frame, your bike is not supposed to survive in the longer run. Whether planning to use it regularly or occasionally, as soon as you ride on it, things will start falling apart. The first thing that will tease you is the constant cranky noises and vibration due to weak construction. This is not what you were expecting from the professional indoor exercise bike to achieve the desired results. The frame should be comfortable and robust to keep you motivated.

Echelon and Nordictrack are sharing this characteristic which is good news for you. The frames of both bikes are made of steel which makes this cycle strong in every way. You can expect long-term performance without additional repairing or heavy maintenance. The base of the frame is strong to stay at one point even at a speed and doesn’t vibrate when the rider’s weight falls within a mentioned limit (we will talk about this later in this blog). So you can expect long life, reliability, and power-packed performance from both bikes. Echelon and Nordictrack are well-built bikes with premium designs to give style to your workout session.

The overall weight of Nordictrack is 200lbs, whereas Echelons weigh only 120lbs.

Difference Between Echelon Vs NordicTrack

Weight Capacity

When it comes to making progress in the best possible way, you can count on Echelon and Nordictrack. Other than additional features which are of course the big source of attraction, let’s talk about something essential. The weight capacity of an exercise bike is often neglected because we think of it as something unnecessary. After all, a bike is supposed to carry everyone regardless of their body type. But, this is not true because every equipment is designed for a different audience.

Let’s talk about the weight capacity of Echelon and determine whether it’s suitable for you or not? Echelon is a nice and comfortable bike that is best to help you stay fit without leaving your place. The frame of Echelon is lightweight which makes its weight capacity less than NordicTrack. It can carry a person with a weight limit of 300lbs, and you can expect smooth rides by following the numbers.

On the other hand, Nordictrack can carry a person with a weight limit of 350lbs easily. If you ever neglect those numbers, these bikes will start creating noise which signals their capacity. Also, by ignoring the weight limitations you may decrease the life of a bike.

Resistance Levels

Echelon Vs NordictrackThe wider range indoor bike has to offer, the more challenging you can make a workout for better body transformation. Many bikes come up with limited resistance levels which are only suitable for beginners or till a certain point. Indoor bikes with limited resistance levels are not compatible for a long-term workout, especially when you want to see a change in your personality. To transform yourself completely, you need a bike with wider options to keep moving and maintain the results for a long time.

Nordictrack has 22-digital resistance levels which are easy to adjust even as a beginner. You don’t have to adjust any knob or go through complicated settings to level up the workout. By simply tapping on numbers, you can increase resistance and let your body feel the pressure. Echelon indoor exercise bike has 32-resistance levels, and you have to use a knob to adjust it. On one side Nordictrack has fewer levels, but without turning or twisting knobs, and on another, Echelon has a wide range to build the body. To stay fit, you can count on Nordictrack for a longer time than Echelon as you can keep increasing levels to increase the difficulty level.

HD Console

To monitor your exercise in the best possible way, an HD console is essential to have on the workout bike. From live streaming to tracking other body vitals, you need this feature to see the progress every day. People used to download several apps on their phones and wear Smartwatches to check what their body is feeling like? This feature makes the riding experience exceptional, and you can get ahead of the workout session.

Nordictrack has a 22″ rotating HD screen to show you several options while working out. It can stream iFit workouts directly on your screen so you can track stats. You can also access on-demand workout sessions by subscribing to family memberships that cost $39 value for 30-days. This subscription feature is optional and depends if you want to access the community for further guidance while being on the bike.

Echelon is offering a unique feature to a user where they have a choice to get a monitor of their preference. They can select a screen from two options; 10″ and 22″ HD touchscreen. Another perk you can enjoy while being on this bike is a 90-days free premiere membership. You can access 3000 on-demand and live training sessions conducted by the best sessions.


While comparing prices, features, and other elements, you need to also focus on warranty. If you want to save your money in the longer run, focus on the warranty period. Massive brands are offering a short-term warranty, and as a result, a user has to invest in a bike again for heavy maintenance. It’s time to avoid this entire headache and learn more about the warranty before buying an indoor exercise bike. In this way, you can have help directly from a company under the warranty period for a longer time.

Echelon Vs Nordictrack is a close comparison, but a few things are making the difference. Nordictrack has a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty to cover all the crucial aspects. Echelon offers a great benefit to a user by delivering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance and construction within 30-days, you can have your money back without any hassle. In terms of warranty, Echelon is only offering 1-year limited labor and parts warranty. The guarantee and satisfaction policy may help customers explore the bike more.


The design of a bike is of great importance when you have limited space at home and want something compact to keep. People these days love to buy equipment that should have modern aesthetics and a pleasing personality. Brands are trying to fulfill this requirement by coming up with well-built equipment which is compact and comfortable simultaneously. Designing is the first thing people notice in workout equipment before even asking for further specifications.

When talking about designing a bike, let’s talk about Nordictrack first. In comparison with Echelon, Nordictrack is a bit heavy in appearance due to the big screen as well. For moving this equipment from one place to another, you may have to put a little effort into pushing it. While Echelon is compact and suitable for narrow spaces. This bike is suitable for individuals living in a small apartment and needs equipment that doesn’t occupy much space; this is the best one to consider.


In the world of fitness and health, Echelon and Nordictrack are making their names due to their excellent stability. They are loaded with features and other stuff you need from gym equipment, but what about affordability? Nothing matters when you feel something is heavy on your pocket and hard to afford. They may seem almost similar in features, but what about prices?

Lastly, let’s talk about the pricing factor to see a clear picture. The good news is, Echelon and Nordictrack, both are similar in prices despite offering different features. Both are available for $1999, and they are good to invest on for a longer time.

The best thing you can do is choose the one with more features and resistance levels to use in a long run for building the body as you always wanted to.

Final Thoughts

As a fitness enthusiast, sometimes it’s hard to select one bike from an impressive range. We tried to make this decision simple for you by coming up with an honest and clear review. Echelon Vs NordicTrack is the kind of comparison you need to go through when planning to invest in something worth buying.

Both models are considered the favorites among fitness trainers, and you will find their performance impressive. These fitness bikes are affordable, easy to use, and professional enough to treat your body with love every step of the way.

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