Does Cycling Give You a Flat Stomach?

Cycling is a fun way to burn some calories and feel physically active. But does cycling give you a flat stomach? Well, a short answer to this question is yes. It does help in getting a flat stomach. Numerous individuals are trying to find a way to effectively reduce their stomach fat. Fortunately, cycling can be helpful in getting a flat stomach.

Having a flat stomach is considered one of the necessities to achieve fabulous fitness. That fitness level can be achieved by cycling. However, don’t be forced to achieve a fitness level set by society. Regardless, cycling can also promote a healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to achieve a flat stomach, cycling might be good for you.

While cycling can indeed lead to a flat stomach, it will take time. According to a recent study, cycling regularly may be helpful in enhancing overall fat loss. If you want to reduce your belly girth, you can try a moderate-intensity aerobic workout. For instance, you may try indoor or outdoor cycling. Below are mentioned some benefits of cycling that may lead to a flat stomach.

Cycling regularly is a part of numerous workout plans due to its effective results. It indicates that cycling is a good option for losing the overall weight of the body. It reduces fat and burns calories. Furthermore, cycling also affects the basal metabolic rate as well as muscle mass.

Thrifty-to-sixty minutes of cycling with a protein-rich diet can be effective for lowering lower belly fat. As a result, numerous health risks can be reduced while promoting weight loss. According to research, regular cycling can reduce insulin resistance significantly. It indicates that regular cycling helps body cells to absorb glucose in your blood better. Hence, people suffering from diabetes can also consider cycling.

Losing fat from the belly through regular cycling may not be much difficult. Having said that, it should be determined and consistent. You have to be patient to reap what you sow. But the end results can be worth your patience. Don’t worry about the process, just make sure to give your very best.

Some of the effective ways of losing belly fat through cycling:

Does Cycling Give You a Flat StomachThe muscles of our tummy don’t stretch much during cycling. They can stretch even more through other high-intensity workouts. However, cycling is a type of aerobic exercise for burning fat. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to lose belly through cycling.

  • Start with Moderate Intensity:

When you begin cycling to get a flat stomach, the intensity should be moderate. About 80% of your cycling time should be at a moderate intensity. The rest of 20% can be at moderate to high intensity. This 80/20 method can be helpful in burning calories and fat. By the passage of time, your endurance, as well as fitness, will increase. As a result, you will cut belly fat and burn calories too.

  • Type of Bicycle:

The type of cycle that you use for exercising doesn’t matter. It can be indoor or it can be outdoor. Weight loss is entirely dependent on you and the way you ride your cycle. Nevertheless, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, or road bikes can be comfortable and easy.

  • Fasted Cycling:

Apparently, cycling on an empty stomach can provide effective and fast results. You can choose an interval of eight hours between your last meal and the time of starting your fastest cycling. Despite its claims of being an effective method, it is also quite tiring. Hence, avoid fasting and then cycling daily. If you think you need it, have some water before starting. You can also choose coffee if you want.

Stay Healthy:

If you are planning for a long ride, carry water. Furthermore, you may also take some high-energy foods. Begin with low intensity. It could result in your body burning more fats due to fasting. Since your glycogen levels are going to be lower, you may experience quick weight loss.

You can break your fast and eat something after up to two hours on an empty stomach. Starving yourself won’t solve the issue so don’t do that. Furthermore, you can further incorporate various off-bikes effective exercises for weight loss. It can be any physical activity, such as yoga, lying down on a bicycle, Zumba, and planks. It will cause your core exercise (cycling) to be more powerful. Your strength and endurance level can also be improved.

Other tips for a Flat Stomach:

You can also try some of the fiber-enriched foods that can help you in weight loss. For instance, you can have grain, nuts, leafy greens, beans, and whole grains. They can keep you safe from the fat that stays deep in the belly. This type of fat is known as visceral fat. This one is the most dangerous kind of fat that can wrap around major organs like the liver.

Who says that diet is all boring? No amount of ‘super food’ can burn off visceral fat. Users can’t turn it away from certain moves like crunches either. Rather, you can search for ways to upgrade the healthy eating lifestyle. How can you make some changes to your average week?

Regardless of the numerous benefits, cycling can only help consistent people. If you don’t commit to getting a flat stomach, you may not see the results. Hence, set a routine and workout regularly. Being consistent will increase your chances of getting a flat stomach through cycling.


So, does cycling give you a flat stomach? Luckily, yes it does. However, you need to follow the right path in order to see the results. Being patient and not rushing is also crucial as it will take some time. You cannot just achieve an ideal flat stomach overnight.

Make sure you take care of your health during the weight loss journey.  Before starting cycling, discuss the suitable intensity for your body with your trainer. You may be pleased to understand the effectiveness of cycling for weight loss. Once you do, you can even travel to the office on your bicycle.

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