Causes of Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Causes of Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are one of the effective ways of leading a safe and healthy life. It saves you a lot of time and money which you spend on a gym membership. You can easily make your own gym in your house thanks to the exercise bikes. But what if your exercise bike starts making knocking noise while pedaling? There might be numerous causes of knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike.

Knocking noise while working out can be very annoying and distracting. However, if you know the main cause behind the problem, you may find the solution quickly. If you are looking for the right solution for your bike, keep reading. The information provided below might be helpful for you.

Causes of Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Dirty Chain:

The squeaky sound may occur as a result of a dirty and grimy chain. It is more likely to be the cause especially if you have not cleaned or oiled your chain recently. How to solve the problem? Easy. You can use an old toothbrush and de-greaser for cleaning your chain. Once the grim is removed, apply a drop of chain lube to every link.

Worn Brake Pads:

If a knocking sound is coming from the area of the wheel, worn brakes may be the issue. Worn or dirty brakes could be vibrating against the rim. What’s the solution? Try cleaning the braking surface of your bike’s rim. You can also use rubbing alcohol for removing any grime, in case the brake pads are dirty.

Loose Bottom Bracket:

It is another cause of knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike. A knocking sound may occur when the pedal may be coming from the bottom bracket. This problem can be solved. If it is not a loose pedal, you might be having a loose bottom bracket.

The crank arms will need to be removed to tighten the bottom bracket. In case of having a bottom bracket tool, you can make the required repair. You can either tighten the bottom bracket cups or adjust the bearings. If you are inexperienced or lack tools, visiting a mechanic may be a better option.

Bent Derailleur:

Sometimes, your bike’s chain acts as if it wants to move up or down the cassette. This can happen in certain gears even if a rider is not trying to shift. Many modern exercise bikes come with barrel adjusters for adjusting the tension. The chain may sound like it wants to fall onto a small cog.

You can try turning the barrel adjuster a quarter turn at a time clockwise. Do so until the issue is resolved. If the chain moves to a bigger cog, try turning your barrel adjuster a quarter turn at a time counter-clockwise. If the problem still persists, maybe the root cause is the bent hanger. In such a case, you may require a new derailleur.

Fixing the Knocking Noise Coming From Exercise Bike:

Causes of Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are expensive and require constant maintenance. If you want to continue your workout routine, broken bikes may not be a good choice. Here are some ways of fixing the sound coming from your bike. If you think the solutions may help, consider trying them. You can also discuss with a professional mechanic or someone experienced to find the right solution.

Try wiping down the bike and its screen once you complete your workout. It will be helpful in removing any germs and sweat. However, don’t use water and soap. Rather, you can use disinfecting wipes. Furthermore, you can also tighten your pedal, seats, and claps once a month.

You might think something is broken in your exercise bike that is causing the knocking sound. In such a case, something in the wheels may be broken off, or it’s the pedals. It’s better to contact the maintenance service that your bike manufacturer provides.

Some brands offer replacement parts that can be used for fixing the bike. If you think you can repair yourself, you may save some bucks. Moreover, some brands specialize in bike repair regardless of not being bike manufacturers. Some services can send an experienced professional to your home for bike repair. You can go for this option in case your manufacturer doesn’t provide a repair option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why Do I Hear Knocking Noise While Pedaling Exercise Bike?

If your bike makes annoying knocking noises for a long time, don’t take it lightly. Unusual noises indicate something inside your bike is wrong. Besides, the sound can be quite annoying and may disturb you during a workout. As a result, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the workout and may as well feel demotivated.

You have read the above-mentioned causes of knocking sound when pedaling an exercise bike. Now it’s your job to analyze the bike and recognize the root cause of the problem. Undoubtedly, pedal noises can be frustrating because their diagnosis is difficult. You may even have to buy expensive tools or get professional help. However, there are some ways of solving the problem yourself too.

  • How to Fix a Knocking Sound Coming from an Exercise Bike?

Usually, a knocking sound may indicate that something is wrong with the chaining or crank arm. It is known to be the primary part of your bike that connects the pedals to the wheel. As you ride the exercise bike, it may start squeaking. Luckily, you are likely to fix these parts yourself easily. However, you might still need basic knowledge and certain tools.

Health Benefits of Exercise Bike:

If you are still planning to buy an exercise bike, knowing its benefits may be helpful. Exercise bikes provide you with the opportunity to remain fit, healthy, and strong. It may also strengthen your leg muscles. This machine can be one of the most convenient options for you if you don’t want to join the gym. In case of an injury, you are required to avoid high-impact exercises. You can still ride an exercise bike but ensure to discuss it with your doctor.

Healthy body:

According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are numerous benefits of cycling. It can build up your bones and muscles and help you in getting in shape. Another study suggested that riding an exercise bike can benefit cardiovascular health. It can be helpful in decreasing blood pressure, relieving stress, and boosting health.

Weight Loss:

Exercise bikes can be effective in reducing body weight. It mostly depends on your weight and your workout intensity. According to a source, one may burn over 600 calories in an hour using a stationary bike. It is said to be an excellent option for a convenient workout to burn calories fast.

Burn Body Fat:

If you are interested in burning body fat, exercise bikes can be effective. You can burn calories by exercising at a high intensity. According to a 2010 study, indoor cycling, along with a low-calorie diet, reduced body weight. In addition, it was also effective in lowering triglyceride levels and cholesterol.

Healthy Joints:

Burning calories and weight are not the only benefits of an exercise bike. Keeping your joints healthy as you grow older is also essential. You need to prevent muscle imbalance and stiffness. One of the potential benefits of riding an exercise bike is joint-friendliness. If your joints can move through the full range of motion, the surrounding muscles would gain more strength. Cycling regularly may also reduce stiffness and joint pain.


Another great thing about exercise bikes is that they are convenient. People love blaming time for their inability to make a workout habit. Going to the gym and coming back home might actually waste a lot of time. So, exercise bikes can be a better option for saving time. You don’t have to go to the gym or even get dressed. Just sit on your exercise bike in your pajamas and do the workout.

Improves Heart Health:

Similar to other forms of cardio, you can improve your heart health through indoor cycling. Furthermore, it can also help you in strengthening your muscular endurance. The time you spend on the training saddle at any resistance level trains your lower-body muscles to be more efficient. In addition, it can also keep your heart rate up. When you become stronger over time, you can increase the resistance to challenge yourself. You can also increase the time spent on the bicycle machine for making your muscles strong. However, discuss with your trainer and doctor before changing the resistance or intensity.

Improves Mental Health:

Any form of exercise or physical activity is somehow linked with reducing anxiety and stress. This was stated in a July 2008 review in Current Psychiatry Reports. Fortunately, your mood can be boosted by riding a bike even for a short time. You don’t need to spend hours to experience the results. Even if you give exercise 15 minutes from your busy life, it may help you fight depression.


We hope that you learned some new insights by reading this article. The Causes of Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike are several. However, these problems can sometimes be solved easily without help. Make sure to take care of proper maintenance of your bike. This exercise machine offers numerous health benefits. But if you are not sure about the solution, it’s better to ask for professional help.

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