6 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike with Moving Arms

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Are you a fitness freak or a gym addict?  Are you planning to purchase an exercise bike that would result in a great workout for toning your entire body? Do you want to know which recumbent exercise bike with moving arms consists of outstanding features? If so, then this review guide is exclusively written for you.

There are plenty of exercise bikes available across the mainstream markets, including upright, spin, and recumbent bikes. Every other bike has its certain pros and cons. If you’re someone who seeks a low-impact cardio workout every other day, or if you’re a senior citizen or someone who might face back pain issues then you should invest in the recumbent bike. Also, if you love high-intensity workouts, then we would suggest you go for the upright or the spin exercise bikes.

We’ve rounded up a list of the top 6 recumbent bikes for you. So without wasting your precious time, let’s get started. Don’t forget to have a look at the buying guide mentioned below in order to choose a perfect fit for you.

Keep in mind, the products mentioned in our list are based on other customer’s critiques and suggestions, hence; make thorough research at first and then choose accordingly.

Top 6 Recumbent Bike with Moving Arms

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike With Arm Exerciser SF-RB4936

If you’re searching for a recumbent bike having a plethora of premium-quality features, then you should go for the Sunny health and fitness recumbent bike. This magnetic recumbent exercise bike with moving arms is among the list of reliable yet efficient and cost-friendly exercise bikes as compared to other top-notch brands.

Dual-Action Ability: –

Sunny fitness recumbent bike with moving arms is our top pick due to its dual- action ability, which means you can use it for toning your upper and lower body. Also, the arm handles will help you to burn more calories in a short span of time. Moreover, you can use the arm exercisers self-sufficiently if you want.

Adjustable and Moveable Handle Bars: – In SF- RB4936 exercise bike, you’ll get an adjustable and moveable handlebar rather than arm pedals that would make pedaling more convenient and easy. The handlebars move front and back as long as you pedal to tone your legs, lower back, or arms.

Large Frame and Flexible Seating: – If you want to burn out more calories without performing high-intensity workouts at home, then the Sunny health and fitness recumbent bike with moving arms is an ideal option for you. Its large-sized H type frame and a rail-mounted seat alongside a front flywheel will further take your workout experience to a next level.

Reliable Digital Display Screen: – The digital display LCD screen attached to this incredible bike will help you to keep track of the calories you burned, the distance you traveled, and the time you utilize during a workout. Added bonus? The pulse sensor helps you detect the heart rate and allows you to measure the accurate calories you burned during a workout.

  • Consists of a multi-function countdown timer with alerts
  • It has 8 different resistance levels
  • Supports lower back due to its adjustable padded seat
  • Built-in pulse sensors and a table holder
  • Not convenient for ones having more than 6.3 inches in height
  • The full-sized H frame takes ample amount of space

Final Verdict: – Sunny health and fitness recumbent bike is a perfect fit for over-weighted persons as it can accommodate a user capacity of 350 pounds. Not only that, you’ll love the large-sized padded seat that is easy to adjust and is comfortable for long-haul workouts. Due to its horizontal adjustment capability, you can set the seat into a comfortable position as per your need. Also, it has 8 different tension levels and offers a smooth ride.

  1. Velocity Dual Action Recumbent Bike With Moving Arms

Velocity magnetic recumbent bike is another amazing exercise bike for toning your entire body. It comes with a solid rigid body and a decent price tag. Due to its outstanding features and good-quality built-in components, it will last for years. If you’re someone who wants a comforting recumbent bike for everyday use, then you might consider adding this exercise bike to your list.

Adjustable Rear and Front Stabilizer: –

Velocity dual action exercise bike has equipped with a rear stabilizer that would keep your ride smooth even on bumpy or uneven surfaces. It is advisable to place a mat or a carpet beneath the bike to keep it away from wobble or tremble. Also, the front stabilizer consists of transport wheels for easy transport.

Comfortable and Relaxing Seat: – The thick cushion seat placed in the Velocity recumbent bike is quite comforting and relaxing. You can adjust it both vertically and horizontally as per your desire. Perhaps, those people having 5.4 inches in height may find the seat quite uncomfortable due to its closest horizontal settings.

Resistance Control and A Heavier Flywheel: – The Velocity recumbent bike comes along with a 5 Kg flywheel and 8 different resistance/tension levels that can help you out during exercising. Also, it has fortified with magnetic resistance and a belt drive that would produce any unpleasant noise or disturbance.

Digital Monitor: – The digital monitor attached to this recumbent bike operates on two AAA batteries and can calculate speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse rate by holding the sensors placed at the back of the bike. Also, it has only one button to change the modes that are quite unreliable.

  • The bike weighs around 82 pounds

  • Consists of rollers for moving back and forth
  • It allows you to set the resistance individually for both arms and legs
  • Offers smooth ride under pocket-friendly rates
  • It can’t store the movement of the arm pedals
  • You may find the pulse sensor at the back of the bike

Final Verdict: – In a nutshell, the Velocity recumbent bike has quite amazing features at affordable rates. Also, it permits you to adjust the resistance separately for arms and legs. This feature is highly beneficial for the ones having back pain issues. Also, it comes with an odometer and a hand pulse sensor. Lastly, it comes with a 5-year warranty for the frame, 30 days for checking parts, and 90 days for the display screen.

  1. Stamina Recumbent Bike With Upper Body Exerciser & Moving Arms

Having a recumbent bike with premium-quality features under a low-price tag is everyone’s dream. But choosing an exercise bike requires essential factors, such as 8 resistance levels, padded comfy seat, adjustable handlebars, foldable frame, and much more. Surprisingly, a Stamina Recumbent exercise bike with moving arms has everything you could ask for. From its ergonomic design to its textured pedals, every other feature is worth discussing.

Compact Design: –

You’ll love this exercise bike as it is compact in design and easily foldable, which means you won’t require huge space to keep it. However, you may find the frame quite narrow but under such rates, it can be neglectable.

Mobile-Size Display Screen: – This incredible exercise bike comes with a compact minimalist rig and mobile size display screen that displays basic stats, such as distance, calories burned, time travelled, and pulse rate.

Multiple Grip Positions: – You may notice multiple grip positions in the Stamina recumbent bike which is quite distinctive from other bikes. You can adjust the padded handles and stationary side handles according to your intensity level during exercising. You may notice the height adjustment knob for upper-body handles.

Adjustable and Comfortable Seat: – The adjustable seat along with smooth pedals make your cycling more comforting and relaxing. Also, the textured pedals and built-in wheels fixed on this bike helps reducing wobbling or slippage and is easy to maneuver.

  • Easy to transport and offers a smooth comforting ride

  • Foldable frame for easy storage
  • Compact in design that makes it demanding under cost-effective rates
  • It has equipped with a console which you won’t find under such low rates
  • You may find the screen quite small
  • The frame tends to be narrow

Final Verdict: – If you’re a beginner and are on a limited budget, you can consider easy-to-go Stamina recumbent bike for working out. It has equipped with a multi-function monitor, 8 resistance/ tension levels for the lower body, and a tension dial resistance for upper body workout. It is ergonomically designed to use even on uneven spaces. All in all, it is a user-friendly recumbent bike with moving arms, and easy to hold grips and handles.

  1. HCI Fitness Physiotrainer CXT Fully Assembled Recumbent Bike

Are you looking for a recumbent bike with moving arms having a capacity of 300 pounds and are suitable for all sort of heights? If so, look no further. HCI fitness exercise bike has got you covered. This incredible bike works perfectly for toning your upper and lower body within no time. It comes fully assembled, which means you don’t need to worry about joining its components. Also, it offers all the exceptional features under pocket-friendly rates.

Large Display Screen: –

HCI fitness bike has a large monitor to keep track of basic stats as compared to other high brands in the same price tag. It has integrated with a heart-rate receiver to detect your pulse rate and heartbeat. Moreover, it is compatible to use it with a Polar T31 chest strap.

Adjustable Resistance Bands: – This ideal recumbent bike comes with adjustable resistance bands to target not only your upper body but lower parts as well. These bands work incredible for targeted dynamic stretching and strength training. Also, due to distinct 8 resistance bands, you can burn extra calories by setting the machine to the highest level.

Comfortable and Adjustable Seat: – HCI fitness comes with a smooth padded seat that is quite comfy and offers extra support to the lower back. Besides, it has fortified with 8 different adjustable seat settings making it an ideal fit for 4.8 to 6.4 tall height persons.

  • Comes Pre-assembled and offers a smooth ride

  • Won’t produce any unpleasant noise saving you keep distracted during working out.
  • It has the capacity to hold 300 pounds.
  • You might observe fewer pre-installed workout programs.

Final Verdict: – If you want to make your workout routine exciting and thrilling every other day, you should invest in an HCI fitness CXT recumbent bike. It is appropriate for every body type and height. Furthermore, it comes with 8 distinct resistance levels and resistance bands which would give you access to adjust the modes according to your desire. All in all, it is user-friendly and a perfect fit for seniors and beginners too.

  1. Teeter Free Step Cross Trainer Recumbent Bike with moving arms

Having a recumbent bike with moving arms that reduces tiredness and wouldn’t cause stress on your back or legs is highly recommended. For this purpose, you can shop for the Teeter Free Step Recumbent bike. This bike has dual functions – cross trainer and elliptical which is suitable for both low impact and high strain workouts.

Intuitive Design: –

The Teeter exercise bike has a solid sturdy design that is quite minimalist. The battery-powered easy-to-read digital console lets you keep track of the calories burned, the distance covered, the pulse rate, and the time taken. Also, it has equipped with a water bottle holder and a device stand.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels: – The Teeter recumbent bike has grabbed the attention of almost every other fitness freak as it is highly suitable for all sorts of fitness levels. Whether you want to use it as low impact cardio – Elliptical or you want to use it for a high-intensity workout- Cross Fits or you can use it for both purposes.  It is free from brassy noise due to its magnetic resistance and resistance belts.

Rear-Mounted Handle Bars: – You’ll love the side handles and rear-mounted handlebars as they will take your exercise experience to a next level. You can adjust the handles and the pedals as per your body goal and requirements. Also, it has a modified H pattern layout to facilitate the machine.

  • Comes with a smooth adjustable seat making it comfortable for working out

  • Comes with a water bottle holder and a device stand
  • Comes with transportation wheels for easy maneuver
  • You may find it a little pricey
  • No built-in heart rate sensor

Final Verdict: – If you’re someone who is facing back pain issues, arthritis, rehabilitation, or Parkinson’s diseases, you should opt for the cost-friendly yet zero impact exercise bike for your daily regime. Teeter fitness recumbent bike has everything anyone could ask for. It is whisper-quiet that would result in an impactful workout.

  1. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike With Moving Arms

If you want a sturdy design recumbent bike with moving arms that would result in a piece of great workout equipment, without a second thought, go for the metallic grey compact design Stamina Elite recumbent bike. Perhaps, you may find it a little over-priced but the features Stamina Elite bike are offering is worth investing on.

H-Pattern Frame:

The body of the Stamina Elite recumbent bike has a sturdy design. The strong H-pattern frame sets out easily on your feet and would give you access to level out. Having said that, the precisely machined flywheel will reduce stress on your lower body and you won’t feel fatigued. Also, it is noise-free which would make the workout more exciting, even for a heavier strength training routine.

Resistance Levels: – The Stamina exercise bike comes along with 8 distinct resistance/tension levels which you can adjust through the tension knob placed underneath the arm crank. Due to the integral digital console, you can monitor the basic stats (distance travelled, calories burned, and the total time) except the heartbeat.

  • Built-in sensors to monitor pulse rate and heartbeat
  • Has a solid frame, steel body, and leveling feet
  • Comfy seat and saddle that could be adjusted vertically or horizontally
  • Quite expensive
  • You won’t find individual arm pedal resistance

Final Takeaway: – The 2-in-1 Stamina recumbent bike is a perfect fit for toning the entire body. It has equipped with a smooth padded cushion chair, powerful stabilizer bars, integral side-mounted heart rate sensors, and a multi-function monitor.

Buying Guide – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike with moving arms

Are you planning to purchase a recumbent exercise bike with moving arms for working out or toning up your upper body? Do you want to know which recumbent bike you should invest in? Then have a look at the vital factors mentioned below before buying an exercise bike for you.

With the rapid advancement of recumbent bikes all across the mainstream markets, almost every other seller has started manufacturing them. In this way, they mislead customers by selling recumbent bikes made up of low-quality equipment and a low-price tag. Hence, never get attracted by the cheap price tags; instead lookout for the other essential factors to save yourself from any trouble in future.

At the end of this write-up, you’ll be able to buy the best fit for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Upright Bike or Recumbent Bike: –

Generally, both of the bikes almost perform a similar job. The only difference between them is due to their design. In the recumbent bike, you’ll find a rear supporting seat that is comfortable, relaxing, and quite big too just like a chair so you can use it for longer hours as compared to the upright one. On the contrary, the former bike is less supportive as it doesn’t have a proper set-up to sit and you need to sit in an upright position which may hurt your back if use it for a longer time.

So, if you’re someone having back pain or knee issues, then you should go for the recumbent bike due to its low-strain and low-impact design. Also, it’s a perfect fit for those who just need a quality cardio fitness workout at home. Moreover, an upright bike is recommended for younger and active persons who don’t have any back pain issues or rehabilitation problems.

The two of the bikes have their own pros and cons but choose the one that best fulfills your needs. The recumbent bike with moving arms is more beneficial as it’s a complete body workout for toning both your legs and arms. On the other hand, an upright bike is highly suitable for toning legs. The decision is yours, so choose one according to your fitness goals.

Look out for The Weight & Capacity: –

The most imperative feature before shopping for a recumbent bike is to look out for the size and the capacity. Specifically, if you’re an over-weighted person, then knowing the weight limit of your bike is highly important in order to avoid any severe injuries later. Experts suggest that you should purchase a recumbent bike with moving arms having a weight capacity of 10-20 pounds more as compared to your weight.

Check out for the Comfort and Ease:

Another critical factor is to check out whether your recumbent bike is comfy and handy to use. Recumbent bikes are designed in such a way to provide easiness to their customers. So what comfort means here? It means you should look out whether the distance between the seat and the paddle is adjustable or not. Also, check if the seat is regulating and comfortable to sit in or not. In this way, you can save yourself from unfavorable conditions.

Go For the Good- Quality Resistance & Fly-Wheels: –

Flywheels plays an essential role on a recumbent bike, therefore you shouldn’t neglect this feature. Having a low-quality flywheel will cause disruption and produce a brassy sound, which may turn your workout experience into a disaster one. In order to save yourself from this scenario, choose the recumbent bike with moving arms that runs smoothly and efficiently, and produce enough friction to avoid unpleasant noise. Also, you need to go for the recumbent bike having magnetic resistance as compared to the felt pad resistance.

Go for the Compact Size Recumbent Bike: –

Whenever you go shopping for a recumbent bike with moving arms, don’t forget to check out its measurements. Having a compact-size bike can work wonders for you if you’ve limited space and surely it would be a lifesaver too. We advise you to take the measurements of the space where you want to keep your bike in order to avoid inconvenience later. For this purpose, folding recumbent bikes works exceptional.

Final Thoughts

We have compiled a list of the top 6 trendy yet efficient recumbent exercise bikes with moving arms for you. If you’re someone who seeks a low-impact cardiovascular workout in your daily regime, then having a recumbent bike is a perfect fit for you. Also, these bikes are highly suitable for senior persons or individuals having back-pain issues.

A friendly piece of advice for you: “Before purchasing a recumbent bike with moving arms, don’t forget to have a look at the buying guide mentioned above. Also, read other customer’s reviews and experiences in order to invest your money in the right direction. We hope you may find this review guide useful and informative.

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