10 Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes

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Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike: The markets and internet have flooded with a wide variety of exercise bikes. But every other exercise bike has its specific pros & cons. But how should someone know which exercise bike deserves a place at their homes? Experts recommend that if you’re someone having back pain or knee issues or want something to add into your daily regime for low impact cardio workout, a recumbent exercise bike has got you covered.

These bikes are design to support your lower back by eliminating overall body strain. That being said, they are also a perfect piece of equipment for overweight persons, elderly users, and beginners.   However, you won’t be able to burn out the exact amount of calories with the recumbent exercise bike, just like you did by using a spinning bike, treadmill, or any other high-intensity cardio workout.

Depending upon your fitness goals, you can choose any recumbent bike that perfectly fulfills your needs. Hence, after scanning the best available and efficient products available in the mainstream markets, we’re here with a list of the best commercial recumbent exercise bike for you.

Plus, we’ve compiled a buying guide that would assist you in choosing the best commercial recumbent exercise bike. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews and buyers guide

1.     Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Our first best recumbent exercise bike is the Marcy ME-709. Every other feature is worth discussing from its wide variety of premium quality specifications to its intuitive step-through design. This bike is an ideal fit for shaping up your entire body and a great investment to add to your home for light cardiovascular training.

Easy-To-Use Console:

Most exercise bikes don’t include a console. However, the Marcy recumbent bike comes with an easy-to-use console. You can control the operating functions just by using a single button. Also, you’ll find a “scan” function that displays all the values the cycle can track. The console can automatically turn on & off, and the value automatically changes after every 4 seconds. You just need 2 AA-type batteries to operate them.

Intuitive Frame & Resistance:

The Marcy recumbent bike has a durable 14-gauge steel frame coated with anti-corrosive paint. Due to its step-through design, it allows a smooth, comforting ride without exerting pressure on your knees or ankles. This bike features a magnetic resistance mechanism with eight distinct resistance levels. You can customize your workout complexity just by adjusting the resistance knob.

Seat & Pedals:

This amazing bike features a comfortable thick padded seat alongside counterbalanced pedals to provide support to your lower back & knees. Also, it has equipped with an efficient LCD screen that helps to monitor the basic stats.

  • Has a weight capacity to support 300 pounds users

  • Extremely supportive & easy to operate
  • Sturdy frame & magnetic brakes
  • Not suitable for individuals shorter than 5.2 inches.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bike having decent features and requires little assembly, then you should invest in the efficient Marcy ME-709 recumbent bike. This bike would further assist you in build-up your stamina and improving strength.

2.     JEEKEE Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for a recumbent bike with simple and efficient features under cost-effective rates, the JEEKEEE exercise bike should definitely be one to put on your list. The bike offers a smooth, comforting chair alongside soft pedals. Not only that, it comes with a ready-to-read digital monitor that would track calories burned, distance travelled, pulse rate, and so on.

IPAD Holder & Tension Levels:

The bike feature an intuitive style IPAD holder that would give you access to listen to your favorite songs or watch your favorite workout videos without any hassle. You’ll notice 8 tension levels that allow you to customize your workout by changing the resistance knob. Also, the heart rate monitor lets you keep track of the complexity of your workout.

Noise-Free Recumbent Bike:

Due to their good quality, neodymium magnets offer uniform resistance as compared to other exercise bikes. Also, the giant magnetic flywheel with a dual-belt system improves the bike’s life without producing any unwanted noise, which means you can work out at night too without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

Comfy & Adjustable Seat:

The JEEEKEE exercise bike has a soft cushioned padded seat that won’t exert stress on the spine or tailbone. Also, the seat has 9 different positions that can be adjustable for users ranging from 4.9” to 6.5”. It has a capacity of 300 pounds.

  • Built-in device holder & a pulse sensor

  • 8 distinct adjustable resistance levels
  • An ergonomic seat offers low impact workout, increase circulation, and builds endurance
  • Not recommended for ones who seek HITT

Final Verdict:

JEEKEE recumbent exercise bike is great equipment for the ones having back pains, rehabilitation conditions, or requires physical therapy. Due to its external magnetic flywheel technology with a powerful dual-belt mechanism, you won’t observe any brassy sound with extensive use.

3.     Plenty 3-in-1 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The best multifunctional exercise bike having wide variety of exceptional features – Plenty 3-in-1 recumbent bike. The bike allows you to switch between upright, recumbent, or semi-recumbent, making it an ideal fit for every other fitness freak. That being said, it saves you a lot of money and space due to its foldable feature. Plus, it is highly suitable for ones ranging from 5.2”- 6.2”.

Resistance Bands & LCD Monitor:

The bike has fortified with arm resistance bands, so you can perform arm exercises too during cycling. Also, the hand pulse handle with a monitor lets you keep track of the calories burned, speed, distance, pulse rate, and heart rate.

High-End Seat & Pedals:

The bike has equipped with a large wide comfortable chair suitable for every individual. The soft cushioned seat is easily adjustable & wouldn’t exert excessive strain on your body. The anti-slip resistance pedals alongside a soft shoe strap further make your ride exciting & relaxing.

Magnetic Resistance & Transportation Wheels:

The bike comes with 16 distinct magnetic resistance levels making it suitable to adjust according to any sort of workout. Not only that, the easy-to-sue transportation wheels would assist you in moving your equipment from one place to another without any hassle.

  • It has a holding capacity of 300 pounds

  • It comes with 16 distinct resistance levels
  • Compact size, pulse sensors, and a backlit screen
  • No complaints observe for this product

Final Verdict:

Now, you can get the total body workout at home without investing a hefty amount on gyms just by purchasing the Plenty 3-in-1 exercise bike. This bike is easily portable and has integrated transportation wheels for easy moving. Highly recommended for senior citizens, beginners, and expert cyclists.

4.     Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Most recumbent exercise bikes take a lot of room to store. But having a foldable bike can save you both time & space both. In this regard, the Exerpeutic 400XL folding bike is a must-have to add to your list. The bike features simple and efficient functions that are not high-tech, but they work best to fulfill your workout purpose without any unfavorable conditions.

Desk Bike & Comfy Seat:

The most distinctive feature of the Exerpeutic exercise bike is that it can be use as a desk bike due to its height-adjustable desks. Also, the semi-recumbent bike design can be use for a relaxed entry & exit. Moreover, the thick padded seat with smooth curved pedals works best for toning your upper arms & lower legs.

Easy-to-Read Monitor:

The easy-to-read monitor would allow you to keep track of the basic stats, such as calories burned, time, speed, heart rate, and pulse rate. However, you may find the display monitor placed at a lower angle.

No Brassy Sound:

Due to its quiet V-belt double-drive transmission system with a sturdy flywheel would prevent the bike from producing any unwanted sound that may result in disturbance through your workout. Also, the bike can hold a weight capacity of 300-pounds. Plus, it comes with 8 tension/stress levels to customize your workout as per your desire.

  • Compact-size & cost-friendly

  • Supports up to 300 lbs. weight users
  • It comes with height-adjustable desks to be used as a desk bike
  • The display screen has mounted at a lower height

Final Verdict:

Suppose you’re on a limited budget and have a teeny tiny place to keep your recumbent exercise bike; without a second thought, go for an elegant yet simple Exerpeutic foldable exercise bike. From its high-precision balanced flywheel to its adjustable 8 distinct resistance levels, it is suitable for every fitness lover.

5.     Schwinn 270 Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Schwinn recumbent bike also stands out as one of the best exercise bikes due to its moderate price tag, oversized display screen, smooth & comfy wide seat, and high-precision flywheel. The Schwinn series can bear users having a weight of 300 lbs. Thanks to its heavy-duty sturdy steel body with a giant display screen making it a perfect fit to add to your home.

LCD Screen:

The bike comes with a fully loaded console alongside a dual-track blue backlit LCD screen. The screen displays 29 workout programs with 4 user settings suitable for every individual. Also, you can monitor essential functions such as pulse, heartbeat, calories, and distance. Plus, the telemetry heart rate feature further enhance your riding experience.

Resistance Levels:

The Schwinn exercise bike has 25 resistance/tension levels suitable for high-impact and low-intensity workout programs. The high-end durable flywheel with a belt-driven system offers a smooth and quiet ride.

Adjustable Seat & Rail System:

The intuitive design body offers a high-end adjustable seat appropriate for the users ranging from 4.8” to 6.2”. Having a contoured padded seat with an aluminum slider seat rail system supports your lower back, knees, and ankles. Plus, the smooth metallic pedals make the workout routine relaxing & comforting.

  • 25 distinct resistance levels for a wide variety of workout sessions
  • It comes with a dual-track two LCD screen
  • User-friendly & easy-to-operate
  • Quite heavier in weight

Final verdict:

The Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike has got plenty of outstanding features. One of its notable features is – enhanced Bluetooth connectivity that assists folks to adjust or track screen progress by using app-based tracking tools. You can also explore different workout programs or listen to your favorite songs due to its large wide display screen. Plus, it comes with in-console speakers, a USB charger, an adjustable fan, and a media shelf.

6.     Sunny SF-RB4936 Health & Fitness Recumbent Bike

Another efficient and stylish design recumbent bike in our list having a wide variety of premium specifications – the Sunny health & fitness bike. The bike can accommodate users weighing 350-pounds. That being said, the adjustable thick padded seat along with smooth curved pedals turn out your workout regime extra-ordinary.

Adjustable Handlebars & Flexible Seat:

The bike features flexible & moveable handlebars than arm pedals so that you can work out for a long duration without any chaos. You can adjust the handlebars to customize workout intensity. Moreover, you can adjust the seat front & back, top & bottom due to its adjustable high-end cushioned padded seat.

Large Display Screen:

The bike’s display screen allows to monitor the calories burned, distance covered, time taken, and heart rate. You can measure pulse rate too due to its integrated pulse sensors. Moreover, it comes with a giant H-type durable frame and an accurate front flywheel that may prevent any unpleasant or noisy sound with extended use.

  • It comes with 8 distinct resistance levels

  • Integrated pulse sensors & a table holder
  • Equipped with a multi-function countdown timer
  • Requires a lot of space to keep the bike

Final Verdict:

The Sunny magnetic recumbent bike is a perfect fit for toning the entire body due to arm exercisers. You can use the exercisers independently to target any specific body part. The solid, sturdy frame with pulse grip sensors & a large display would turn your workout relaxing & mesmerizing.

7.     Lanos Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike For Dual Access

You don’t need to invest hefty amounts in gyms if you can get similar results at home just by investing in the right exercise bike. For this purpose, the 2-in-1 recumbent exercise bike – Lanos folding bike has got you covered. Now enjoy the fast and fun workout at the comfort of your place just by shopping for a Lanos exercise bike.

Powerful Flywheel:

The bike has equipped with a durable yet robust flywheel and easy-to-use transportation wheels. You can use the bike for both high-intensity & low-impact workout programs, as it can be used as an upright or recumbent bike. Not only that, it can easily be place anywhere by folding into a flat storage position. Furthermore, it won’t produce any disturbance during the workout out.

Resistance Levels & Display Monitor:

The Lanos folding bike features magnetic resistance having 10 different adjustable levels to suit every individual. You can set the workout intensity just by using the tension knob. Moreover, the bike has upgraded with a large display screen that allows users to track the basic stats.

  • Well-suited for elderly users, beginners, and cyclist experts
  • Works for both HITT and low-intensity workouts
  • It comes with divergent 8 resistance/tension levels
  • None

Final Verdict:

If you’re searching for a 2-in-1 bike suitable for yourself and your loved ones, you must invest in a new, ultra-modern, Lanos foldable recumbent bike. Its assembly is super easy. Within just 30 minutes, you’re all set to kick start your fitness journey. Comes with a warranty and a user manual. In short, it’s a perfect investment for your homes, offices, gardens, or apartments.

8.     Slim Cycle Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’re searching for a recumbent bike perfect for low-impact cardiovascular activities under cost-efficient rates, then you should consider having a slim-style stationary bike for you. The light-weight bike can be used for both recline or upright positions as per your desire. Also, it can be almost half its size within just a few minutes.

Easy Storage:

The amazing slim cycle bike can easily be put underneath your bed, corners of your living room, or even in your closets too. The foldable feature with easy-to-move transportation wheels would give you access to relocate the bike from one destination to another.

Extra-Wide Seat:

Now you can turn your extensive workouts into comforting ones by using the extra-wide thick padded seat. With the support of moveable handlebars and sidebars, you can get more room to tone up the lower part.

Cardio + Strength Training:

The slim cycle exercise bike helps to achieve rapid weight loss results as the bike features a 2-in-1 function, perfect for strength training as well as cardio.

  • Cost-friendly & easy storage

  • User-friendly and easy-to-operate
  • Designed for both HITT and low-intensity workouts
  • The seat is not that comfy as compared to other high reputable brands

Final Verdict:

Having two bikes fun in one? Isn’t it sound surprising? Yes, you read that right. The slim cycle recumbent exercise offers a 2-in-1 experience. You can pedal in an upright position for burning ample calories, or you may use it in the reclined position for a low-impact workout.

9.     NordicTrack Vr21 Commercial Recumbent Bike

Experience the fun, fast, fantastic cardio workout at the comfort of your home just by adding an interactive NordicTrack commercial recumbent bike. Comes with easy transportation wheels, a 2-years warranty, and a 350-pounds weight capacity. Plus, it offers a 1-month free IFIT membership program for individuals.

Oversized Seat:

Having a cushioned padded seat with adjustable foam-padded pedals protects you from serious injuries. The oversized seat placed in this bike is comforting for long-haul workouts. Also, it has a water bottle holder and tilted handlebars.

Resistance & Display Screen:  

The bike has different 25 resistance levels that allow users to adjust & modify their workout regime. Due to the powerful flywheel, you won’t observe any brassy sound. Furthermore, it has equipped with a 5-inch display screen to keep track of the basic stats. Lastly, it offers an auxiliary music port so you can listen to your favorite songs.

  • Recommended for ones having chronic muscle tightness
  • Pocket-friendly & elegant design
  • Requires little storage space & perfect for short-heighten folks
  • Depends upon IFIT membership

Final Verdict:

Get toned abs, sexy glutes, and lean legs just by purchasing the amazing NordicTrack exercise bike. Equipped with a wide variety of premium specifications & features. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent investment for all types of apartments, homes, offices, and gyms.

10. HCI Fitness Physiotrainer CXT Commercial Recumbent Bike

Experience live, global studio workout at the comfort of your living room just by adding HCI fitness CXT commercial recumbent bike. The incredible bike works perfectly for glutes, hamstrings, calves, abs, and upper arms. So if you want an exercise bike that won’t be jolting midway through your workout journey, shop for this high-end specifications bike.

Resistance Levels:

The adjustable resistance levels would give users access to adjust their workout intensity. The HCI fitness bike comes with 8 distinct resistance levels for targeted, dynamic stretching and strength training. Now you can burn extra calories just by setting the resistance knob to the highest value.

Built-In Display Screen:

The bike features an integrated display screen that shows calories burned, time, speed, distance, and heart rate. Also, it has integrated with a heart-rate receiver to perceive your pulse rate. Moreover, it is compatible to use it with a Polar T31 chest strap.

  • Appropriate for ones in between 4.8” – 6.4”

  • Accurate – precision flywheel and a belt-driven system
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs. users
  • Lack of pre-installed workout programs

Final Verdict:

All in all, the HCI recumbent exercise bike has an enormous range of good-quality features at pocket-friendly rates. It is suitable for every body type and height without putting extra strain during extensive workouts. Plus, it is user-friendly and an ideal fit for beginners, expert fitness freaks, and elderly citizens.

Buying Guide – Key Factors to Select the Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

Almost all the recumbent exercise bikes share more or less similar features. The only difference among them is their specifications. So choose the one that would stand out perfectly with your requirements. Here’s a lowdown of the vital features you need to consider prior to purchasing the best recumbent exercise bike.

Magnetic or Eddy Brakes

Go for a recumbent exercise bike having magnetic or eddy brakes. The magnetic brakes are durable & efficient. They will last your equipment for years without causing any damage. You don’t need any power source to operate the resistance levels. By using a tension knob, you can adjust the resistance/tension levels. You just need an adapter to plug into an electrical outlet so that the brake system becomes operational.

Programming Feature

Another crucial factor you must consider is the programming feature. This feature would give you access to display different workout programs. Not only that, it will provide you with suggestions to enter age, height, and body weight, and you’ll get specific workouts too as per your fitness needs. You can add different workouts to your daily regime – so the programming feature is a must-have in your exercise bike.

Digital Monitor

Look out for a recumbent bike that has equipped with a digital monitor. The monitor allows you to keep track of basics stats – such as the calories you burned, the distance you traveled, the time you had taken, pulse rate, and heart rate. Also, the digital display lets you adjust the intensity of the workout too.

Drive Mechanism

Check out whether the recumbent bike has a flywheel or not. It’s a common disbelief that recumbent exercise bikes drives by servomotor, pulley, brake, or belt. But that’s not true. Almost all sorts of recumbent bikes come with a large or small diameter flywheel that is heavier in weight and connected with the help of a transmission belt. Due to the flywheel, the bike won’t wobble or tremble, ensuring an effective workout.

Adjustable & Comfy Seat

Having a soft cushioned padded seat would result in a great workout. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to have a look at this vital factor.  Most exercise bikes equipped with a seat that is not comfy or adjustable and would cause detrimental injuries with excessive usage. Hence, you must look out whether the seat has an adjustable & relaxing feature or not. This feature would give you accessibility to obtain more legroom, and ultimately you can tone your muscles easily without putting in a lot of effort. Also, look out for the front handlebars that allow titling & have thick padded foam.

Foldable & Compact Size

When you’re searching for a recumbent bike, don’t forget to check out its foldable feature. Having a compact-size bike works perfectly for the ones having limited space to keep their equipment. Also, it would be a lifesaver too. Therefore, we recommend you take the measurements of the place where you want to keep the exercise bike to avoid any inconvenience later.

Weight & Capacity

Another imperative feature before purchasing a recumbent bike is to look out for the capacity & weight. It would be helpful, especially if you’re a beginner or an over-weighted person. Have know-how about the size of your bike plays an essential role to prevent unfavorable situations. We would suggest you have an exercise bike with a weight capacity of 10-20 pounds more than your body weight.

Resistance Levels & Maintenance  

Resistance levels vary from model to model. The more the number of resistance levels your exercise bike has, the more quickly you can adjust & modify your workout. Some models are equipped with 5-8 resistance levels. Also, the new advanced models come with 40 distinct resistance levels making your workout journey exciting. Therefore, you must purchase a recumbent bike having a minimum of 8 resistance levels or more.

While considering the maintenance of a bike, you don’t need to worry, as most recumbent bikes require little to no maintenance. You just need to wipe down the monitor and other components in order to keep it away from debris or dirt.

Transportation & Weight

Before buying a commercial recumbent exercise bike, check out whether it has transportation wheels or not. Having transportation wheels would give you access to easily relocate the bike from one destination to another. Also, look out for the weight of a bike. The heavier the exercise bike – the more efficient it would be. Having a heavy body exercise bike won’t be quiver or tremble from its place.


Most of the recumbent bikes are over-priced due to their fancy body structure and other extra-ordinary features. You don’t need to invest a hefty amount of price just for the looks. You can get a decent recumbent exercise bike having outstanding features in just as low as $130. We recommend you plan your budget first, then have a look at the essential features listed above. In the end, choose the one that perfectly well-suited your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who can use a commercial recumbent bike?

Anyone seeking a low-impact cardio workout to maintain their fitness journey or lose weight can opt for a recumbent bike. They are designed to tone up not only your upper arms but also shape up glutes, hamstrings, thighs, and calves. Also, they are crafted in such a way that you wouldn’t feel exhausted or tired for extended use. Due to its versatile functions, you can adjust the intensity levels as per your desire. In short, it’s a perfect fit for beginners, over-weighed persons, senior citizens, advanced riders, or ones having medical conditions.

Should I do some stretching before riding a recumbent bike?

Adding a recumbent exercise bike is a safe way to improve your fitness journey. One must invest 5-10 minutes by stretching at the start of cycling to prevent any injuries. You can do high knees, jumping jacks, walking lunges, or even slow-pace sit-ups. After riding an exercise bike, you must consider a little bit of stretching if possible to cool down the muscles to get better results.

How long should I invest in working out on a Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike?

It’s entirely based on your choice and your fitness goals. However, we would give a brief detail on how much one should invest their time.

If you’re a beginner who wants to lose weight, you must invest at least 30-45 minutes burning out 200-300 calories. Also, if you’re a senior citizen who needs to improve your fitness journey, you must exercise for at least 20-30 minutes. Moreover, if you’re an expert cyclist who wants to burn more calories in a short span of time, you should opt for a good 45-60 minutes of working out.

You can use the recumbent bike for low impact and high-intensity cardio workouts by adjusting the resistance levels.

Final Thoughts:

Recumbent bikes are similar just like other traditional stationary exercise bikes, with the exception of sitting in a laid-back position instead of in an upright position. They are specially designed for ones who seek low-impact cardio workouts. These bikes help burning calories & achieving a weight-loss journey without putting any severe strain on your body. Obviously, you won’t burn out the exact amount of calories, just like opting for any high-intensity cardio workout.

We’ve made every effort to come up with a list of the 10 best commercial recumbent exercise bikes for you. We hope our review article would solve all your queries, and you may find it helpful. Don’t forget to read the buying guide mentioned above to get all the essential details to consider before buying an exercise bike.

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